• The 1 Tool Your Direct Sales Business Needs

    What tools do you rely on to run your direct sales business? When clients first come to us, this is one of the first questions we ask, and we typically hear the same answers: Social Media Website Auto Responders All of these tools are great – and necessary! But on their own, they just aren’t… Continue Reading

  • Why You Don’t Need an Upline

    The Case of the Disappearing Upline Last week, one of our customers called to talk to us about his struggling direct sales business. His chief complaint was his upline – who had gone MIA. She was supposed to help him get started, he explained. She could have put 3 people in his downline by now,… Continue Reading

  • 4 Ways to Develop Your Personal Brand

    Question: What’s stopping your customers from buying a cheaper knock-off version of your products at a pharmacy or department store? Or if you sell a somewhat popular direct sales product, what’s keeping those customers from placing orders from other distributors? Answer: YOU! It’s all about YOUR PERSONAL BRAND. Coffee You OverPay For (and what you… Continue Reading

  • Let’s Debunk these 4 Network Marketing Myths!

    Everyone loves the Network Marketing industry, right? We wish! There is plenty of misinformation getting shared and passed around on the web that paints MLM companies in a negative light, or perpetuates false rumors that have been busted time and time again. Enough already! Let’s Debunk these 4 common Myths once and for all: MYTH… Continue Reading

  • Flying Man – Services as Unique as You!

    Looking for a Pre-Packaged Bundle of MLM Services – which may or may not suit your specific needs? Of course you aren’t! Flying Man – Unique MLM Services for Every Client After 9 years in business, no 2 Flying Man clients have received the same set of services. Every MLM company we’ve had the pleasure… Continue Reading

  • 5 Ways to Dig Out of the Sandbox

    The Bermuda Triangle, the South Atlantic Anomaly, Easter Island, and… Google’s Sandbox. That’s right! We’ve added the dreaded but never-officially-acknowledged Google Sandbox to the list of the most mysterious places where things tragically disappear. If you haven’t heard, Google doesn’t trust new website domains, and they like to keep them hidden from view. They’ve been… Continue Reading

  • How Flying Man Revolutionizes the MLM Sales Process

    If you scroll through this blog, you’ll see that many of our posts focus on one of our specific online marketing tools or MLM software features. Recently, one of our readers asked us if we could explain how all the features of our comprehensive technology work together to help a network marketer along each step… Continue Reading

  • Attraction Marketing with Flying Man

    We see it so many times… A desperate Facebook post, begging for last minute sales before an online order is placed. A new over-zealous (and misguided) direct seller, pushing vitamin supplements on anyone within earshot at a summer barbeque. An overworked, underpaid employee passing around a product catalog in the break room for “anyone who might… Continue Reading

  • Ready, Set, Launch – The TripleRoot Website is Live!

    Would you like to see what Flying Man has been working on behind the scenes? We have just launched a brand new website for TripleRoot, a merchant processing company that we have helped brand, build, launch, and promote from the ground up! This beautiful new website is designed to target small and mid-sized business owners… Continue Reading

  • The Definitive Guide to Network Marketing

    What should you consider before starting a home-based network marketing business? How do you find the right opportunity? And once you get started, what is your plan for success? Becoming a successful network marketer isn’t easy, and most people find that it’s not the most intuitive process. Success in this industry takes a great deal… Continue Reading

  • Social Cues of Network Marketing

    As a network marketer, you do a lot of social work to build your business – whether it’s physically calling people, attending events or utilizing social media groups. You are a social marketer! Are you using all the platforms appropriately? Are you spending just the right amount of time leveraging them for your business? We’ve… Continue Reading

  • Network Marketing – No Experience Necessary?

    One of the main reasons why 600,000 people are joining the network marketing industry every year is because of this bold claim: “No Experience is Necessary to become successful and make the income of your dreams!” …and this: “You don’t need a background in sales to climb to the top! All you need is a… Continue Reading

  • The Benjamin Franklin Effect for Network Marketers

    What Do You Do With an Unresponsive Prospect? How do you handle a situation in which an interested prospect does not respond to your trusted sales pitches? They fit into your niche market perfectly, and all the stars seem to be aligning just right! But for some reason, everything you do or say seems to… Continue Reading

  • 7 Essential Attributes of Successful Network Marketers

    Researchers say that around 50% of American homes will be in the MLM Industry by 2015. Together these men and women will be changing the dynamics of our economy and empowering themselves to take control of their lives and believe in their loftiest dreams. We are so excited about the future awaiting us! We want… Continue Reading

  • What’s in a (Domain) Name?

    At Flying Man Productions, we equip MLM distributors with multiple, targeted replicated websites that make them searchable on the web and increase online sales. Our replicated websites are unlike any other! They are designed and programmed to get distributors just like YOU to rank on the first page of search engine results. It’s true that… Continue Reading

  • Flying Man Productions – MLM Software, Top-Ranking Websites and Beyond

    “What IS Flying Man Productions?” We’re asked this question a lot. And like all great things, there’s no quick, simple answer. We are anything our MLM client needs us to be. Design Department Social Media Department SEO Department Copywriting Department Marketing Department Multimedia Department Support Department Education Department In other words, we help network marketing… Continue Reading

  • Advanced Twitter Marketing Techniques

    The Only Twitter Reference You’ll Ever Need! Twitter is the world’s leading form of instant mass communication. It is definitely the fastest channel for businesses to interact with customers, and it’s becoming more and more popular for Customer Service issues to be handled in 140 characters or less. But Twitter is so much more than… Continue Reading

  • 13 Free Social Media Tools to Boost Productivity

    How many hours do you spend every week on social media for your network marketing business? Most professionals have found that the sweet spot is anywhere from 10 to 15 hours a week – but this ranges greatly from one brand to another. If you have a grassroots direct sales business and are trying to… Continue Reading

  • The Tao of YOU (and Your Business)

    Online marketing is no joke. You’re managing 5 different social media channels with regular posts and engagement, blog writing, blog commenting, article writing, paid advertisements…and everything else you need to do to run your network marketing business. Many of our clients who try to follow all of our advice come to us a week later… Continue Reading

  • Search Engine Marketing – Put Your Money Where Your Customer Is

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a completely free way to boost your website ranking on search engine results and drive more organic traffic to your site. However, SEO can sometimes be a timely and uncertain endeavor. It could take weeks – sometimes months – of daily dedicated efforts before you make it on Google’s first… Continue Reading

  • Keywords: The Whole Story

    We have received so much feedback from our Spy Who Loved Key(words) blog post, and many requests to dig a little deeper into Keyword Research. So now that we’ve excited you with great advice on finding niche-specific keywords, let’s take a step back and discuss the factors that must work together to create those beautiful… Continue Reading

  • The Spy Who Loved Key(words)

    Your online marketing success is so much more than the sum of your own SEO efforts. Your search engine ranking is dependent upon your SEO work and that of your competitors. The further they climb, the harder it is for you to achieve that prime top position. Have you ever wondered what keyword optimization strategies… Continue Reading

  • 6 Secrets of Every Successful Network Marketing Blog

    If you’ve been following us for awhile, we hope you’ve learned why you shouldn’t should blog, how to leverage your blog with other online marketing tools, and even how to push through blogger’s block. Recently we were asked to share the fundamental principles and inside secrets of how to create and maintain a successful blog.… Continue Reading

  • 8 Ways to Kill Your Website Ranking and Credibility

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is kind of like filing taxes. It’s a necessity for every company (as long as they want to be easily searchable on the internet), but it’s complicated and the codes are frequently changing. We have seen so many clients mismanage their SEO efforts and make costly mistakes before they reach out… Continue Reading

  • 12 Reasons Why Network Marketers Have It All

    Peter Gibbons was on to something. There is so much more to life than working too many hours for too small an income, only to retire on less than you managed to live on most of your life. The New American Dream Our hope is that if you are reading this, you managed to get… Continue Reading

  • SEO for Network Marketers: Why (and how) to learn it

    Before you read any further, let’s set the record straight. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) might be intimidating, but it is completely attainable by any network marketer who is willing to invest the time and learn the tricks. You’ve got this! Why Your Business Needs SEO If you sell something, you want customers to find you.… Continue Reading