7 Essential Attributes of Successful Network Marketers

Researchers say that around 50% of American homes will be in the MLM Industry by 2015. Together these men and women will be changing the dynamics of our economy and empowering themselves to take control of their lives and believe in their loftiest dreams.

We are so excited about the future awaiting us!

We want EVERY network marketer to succeed: the veterans who have been in the industry for decades AND the newbies – the 600,000 people who start a brand new opportunity each year. With all of our interactions with our clients and their distributors, and the valuable 1-on-1 time we’ve been privileged to spend with other networkers, we’ve noticed a few commonalities among the most successful MLMers…and we’d like to share our observations!

If you want to ensure your success in the growing MLM Industry, make sure you have:


When you start your own business you stamp your name, personality, heart and soul on the brand. Like any entrepreneurship, this business will absorb a great deal of your time, energy, conversations, and interaction with others. If you don’t love your products and believe in the business wholeheartedly, look for another opportunity. Believe us, there is an incredibly rewarding opportunity out there for just about everyone!

Keep in mind: the effort and enthusiasm you put into your business will determine your personal satisfaction and financial success. So make sure you are passionate about what you’re doing.


How committed are you? How seriously do you take your business?

The more passionate you are, the easier it will be to stay focused and undistracted in your quest for improving the lives of those you touch AND achieving personal success.

Are you all in, or just dipping your toe in the pond?

Even if you’re only working your business part time, respect the hours you set aside. Those hours should be concentrated, devoted working time that you have meticulously planned out in advance.


YOU are the only person in charge of your direct sales business! Not your upline, not your team members, and not your customers. You are capable of achieving ANYTHING you set your mind to! The MLMers who realize lasting success are the ones who set very specific intentions and goals, tune their energy and actions to manifest those goals, and drive their business forward with intense focus.

Take some time every single day to meditate on your loftiest dreams. Keep a journal of your goals, and review it every morning to dictate your daily and weekly tasks. Your calendar should be driven by your strong internal intentions, not the spontaneous disruptions of the day.


  • Do you know more about your products than what can be found in a brochure?
  • How many different niche markets would care about your products and business opportunity?
  • What is an effective sales pitch for your clientele?

If you want to close sales, you need to be a product-information and sales-education sponge. Attend events, ask questions, put your upline on speed dial. Soak it all up! The more you learn, the more you earn.


You knew this one was coming! We live in a global world, and the network marketers who rise to the top are the ones who know how to leverage the power of technology. They are busting down all the borders and boundaries to reach a global market. Online marketing is not a fad or a trend. It is a necessary element of 21st century prosperity in this industry, and it separates the wheat from the chaff.

Don’t waste your time, money, and energy on trial and error. Stick with the tools from the pros.


The industry leaders are presenting themselves as the authorities in their respective fields. They are present in many different corners of the internet, and full of useful information that train and educate their followers. You need to market yourself as the respected authority in your industry!

But what if you’re just starting out?

At Flying Man, we encourage our staff and clients to “Believe it till you see it.” If you believe you are a prominent up-and-coming marketer, you will be. The best way to bring your intentions to fruition is to live as if you have already achieved them. So BE the authority! Post advice and secrets to success on your social media platforms. Provide the most in-depth product education for your customers and prospects.

This isn’t the same as “faking it.” This is believing in yourself and making your goals come true by being proactive!


Behind every successful direct seller is an encouraging and powerful team. Growing strong bonds with your team members is a proven and long-lasting business model that will keep you focused and enthusiastic. Meet with your team regularly to share your experiences, continue your training with role-playing or a guest speaker, attend events together, or just to grow a tighter relationship with one another. The more you grow together, the more you will achieve together.

What other common traits have you observed among successful MLMers? Let us know in the comments below.