• 4 Ways to Develop Your Personal Brand

    Question: What’s stopping your customers from buying a cheaper knock-off version of your products at a pharmacy or department store? Or if you sell a somewhat popular direct sales product, what’s keeping those customers from placing orders from other distributors? Answer: YOU! It’s all about YOUR PERSONAL BRAND. Coffee You OverPay For (and what you… Continue Reading

  • Let’s Debunk these 4 Network Marketing Myths!

    Everyone loves the Network Marketing industry, right? We wish! There is plenty of misinformation getting shared and passed around on the web that paints MLM companies in a negative light, or perpetuates false rumors that have been busted time and time again. Enough already! Let’s Debunk these 4 common Myths once and for all: MYTH… Continue Reading

  • Flying Man – Services as Unique as You!

    Looking for a Pre-Packaged Bundle of MLM Services – which may or may not suit your specific needs? Of course you aren’t! Flying Man – Unique MLM Services for Every Client After 9 years in business, no 2 Flying Man clients have received the same set of services. Every MLM company we’ve had the pleasure… Continue Reading

  • How Flying Man Revolutionizes the MLM Sales Process

    If you scroll through this blog, you’ll see that many of our posts focus on one of our specific online marketing tools or MLM software features. Recently, one of our readers asked us if we could explain how all the features of our comprehensive technology work together to help a network marketer along each step… Continue Reading

  • Attraction Marketing with Flying Man

    We see it so many times… A desperate Facebook post, begging for last minute sales before an online order is placed. A new over-zealous (and misguided) direct seller, pushing vitamin supplements on anyone within earshot at a summer barbeque. An overworked, underpaid employee passing around a product catalog in the break room for “anyone who might… Continue Reading

  • The Definitive Guide to Network Marketing

    What should you consider before starting a home-based network marketing business? How do you find the right opportunity? And once you get started, what is your plan for success? Becoming a successful network marketer isn’t easy, and most people find that it’s not the most intuitive process. Success in this industry takes a great deal… Continue Reading

  • Social Cues of Network Marketing

    As a network marketer, you do a lot of social work to build your business – whether it’s physically calling people, attending events or utilizing social media groups. You are a social marketer! Are you using all the platforms appropriately? Are you spending just the right amount of time leveraging them for your business? We’ve… Continue Reading

  • Network Marketing – No Experience Necessary?

    One of the main reasons why 600,000 people are joining the network marketing industry every year is because of this bold claim: “No Experience is Necessary to become successful and make the income of your dreams!” …and this: “You don’t need a background in sales to climb to the top! All you need is a… Continue Reading

  • The Benjamin Franklin Effect for Network Marketers

    What Do You Do With an Unresponsive Prospect? How do you handle a situation in which an interested prospect does not respond to your trusted sales pitches? They fit into your niche market perfectly, and all the stars seem to be aligning just right! But for some reason, everything you do or say seems to… Continue Reading

  • 7 Essential Attributes of Successful Network Marketers

    Researchers say that around 50% of American homes will be in the MLM Industry by 2015. Together these men and women will be changing the dynamics of our economy and empowering themselves to take control of their lives and believe in their loftiest dreams. We are so excited about the future awaiting us! We want… Continue Reading

  • Flying Man Productions – MLM Software, Top-Ranking Websites and Beyond

    “What IS Flying Man Productions?” We’re asked this question a lot. And like all great things, there’s no quick, simple answer. We are anything our MLM client needs us to be. Design Department Social Media Department SEO Department Copywriting Department Marketing Department Multimedia Department Support Department Education Department In other words, we help network marketing… Continue Reading

  • 6 Secrets of Every Successful Network Marketing Blog

    If you’ve been following us for awhile, we hope you’ve learned why you shouldn’t should blog, how to leverage your blog with other online marketing tools, and even how to push through blogger’s block. Recently we were asked to share the fundamental principles and inside secrets of how to create and maintain a successful blog.… Continue Reading

  • 12 Reasons Why Network Marketers Have It All

    Peter Gibbons was on to something. There is so much more to life than working too many hours for too small an income, only to retire on less than you managed to live on most of your life. The New American Dream Our hope is that if you are reading this, you managed to get… Continue Reading

  • SEO for Network Marketers: Why (and how) to learn it

    Before you read any further, let’s set the record straight. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) might be intimidating, but it is completely attainable by any network marketer who is willing to invest the time and learn the tricks. You’ve got this! Why Your Business Needs SEO If you sell something, you want customers to find you.… Continue Reading

  • MLM Direct Sales

    If you think MLM companies are stuck in the 20th century, think again! Network marketers are earning more than they ever have before and succeeding at an unprecedented rate (85%!). It’s no wonder over half a million people in the US join the industry every year. They are educated, charitable, hard-working, and they are truly… Continue Reading

  • The Top 5 Tools Every Network Marketer Needs

    There are many MLM software systems and marketing packages available today for network marketers, but how do you know you’re getting exactly what you need? And why pay for a huge package with tons of features that you and your recruits will probably never use? No matter what industry you’re in, there are 5 essential… Continue Reading

  • 12 Ways to Break Blogger’s Block

    Fact: You need a blog to promote your network marketing business (if you think you don’t, read this). But coming up with 2 or 3 blog topics a week isn’t easy, and the monotony of generating that much content can quickly lead to blogger’s block. You do not have to give in to blogger’s block!… Continue Reading

  • 6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Blog

    Despite what you may have heard, blogging isn’t for every network marketer.  If you’ve doubted the benefits of blogging, read on! Find out if you fall into the small category of entrepreneurs or who should not engage with customers on this digital platform. Should you start a professional blog? Take the quiz! You should NOT… Continue Reading

  • 5 Tips to EMPOWER a Network Marketing Team

    Here’s a question for all the network marketers out there: how do you keep your team members, downline builders, and loyal customers onboard? If you want your team members to stay and grow alongside you, it is essential for you to spark the fire and constantly motivate them. You want them to be excited every… Continue Reading

  • 12 Timeless Tips for Success

    Industry “expert” opinions, endless “How To” articles, unsolicited advice… there is no shortage of opinions and suggestions for entrepreneurs. Filtering through the noise to find the few nuggets of wisdom can often be difficult. And especially for business owners, unwelcome and unhelpful advice can often threaten focus, creativity, and audacious goal setting. We hope you… Continue Reading

  • 4 Reasons Network Marketers Fail

    Don’t let your sales force become a statistic! You’ve no doubt heard the staggering stat that 95% of the network marketing sales force ends up quitting their business. Not only is this an unfortunate reality for our crucial home-based business population, but it’s also (obviously) bad news for YOU! Take some time to understand the… Continue Reading

  • 10 Tips to Building a Successful Compensation Plan

    One of the most important tasks when starting a new network marketing company is creating the sales force compensation structure. We at Flying Man Productions have years of experience helping start-up companies establish new compensation structures and established companies rework unprofitable or ineffective structures. Here are some tips you should consider before creating a new… Continue Reading

  • Get out of the Circus: MLM Web Marketing Tools that Work

    The Great Juggling Act If you’re like most Multi-level marketing companies, you have a lot to juggle at once: manufacturing and distributing quality products, designing and managing a competitive business model, recruiting a solid sales force, and more. It comes as no surprise that many companies drop the ball when it comes to training a… Continue Reading

  • Replicated Websites – 4 reasons why you need them!

    You’ve got a promising direct sales, MLM, or network marketing company with quality products that you believe in. Now all you need to do is get those products in the hands of loyal, happy customers. No big deal. Except, of course, that it is a very big deal. Even after you’ve corralled a team of… Continue Reading

  • The 4 Compensation Structures – Which is Right for Your MLM?

    Have you chosen a compensation structure for your start-up network marketing company? Since it is extremely difficult to switch structures once you have an established company, this is one of the most important and permanent decisions you’ll make. There are 4 main structures that have become extremely successful and popular: Breakaway, Uni-Level, Forced Matrix, and… Continue Reading

  • 5 Ways to Make Your Business Social

    (and get more sales!) How can network marketers expand beyond their local community and make online sales? By driving traffic to their website through social media marketing! Social media marketing helps entrepreneurs and MLM distributors establish connections and relationships with potentially thousands of customers and prospects, all from a computer or Smartphone. Take a look… Continue Reading

  • Online Marketing with Pinterest: Start Catching Bigger Fish!

    Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus… you may think you have your social media bases covered. But if you’re not “pinning”, you’re missing out on hot leads and high revenue per click. Pinterest has only been around since 2010, but it has just recently become the most lucrative social media site for online marketing. Here are… Continue Reading