Online Marketing with Pinterest: Start Catching Bigger Fish!

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus… you may think you have your social media bases covered. But if you’re not “pinning”, you’re missing out on hot leads and high revenue per click. Pinterest has only been around since 2010, but it has just recently become the most lucrative social media site for online marketing.

Here are the stats: in January 2012, Pinterest had just 11 million users. By the end of 2013, it had passed the 70 million-user mark, making Pinterest one of the fastest growing websites ever. In the past six months, visits increased by 4,000%, with over 11 million views a week.

Those are the numbers, but what does it mean for your MLM, direct sales, or networking marketing business? How could pretty pictures, infographics, or catchy quote images make a difference for your bottom line? It may be hard to believe, but those pretty pictures are converting traffic to sales in a big, big way!

Pinterest Converts

How many of your Facebook posts or Tweets lead to actual sales? Pinterest is the top converting social media site, bringing in more revenue per click than any other social media campaign….a lot more! In fact, marketing pins lock in four times more revenue than Twitter and over 25% more than Facebook. If you want your ads to convert to sales, Pinterest is definitely the way to go.

We could probably stop here. That should be reason enough to open a business Pinterest account today, right? But it gets better…

Lead Generation

Unlike other social media campaigns, Pinterest does so much more than secure brand loyalty. What 11 million people a week are finding out is that Pinterest introduces them to new companies, new brands, and new products. This is lead generation at its finest! Pinterest has been named a “Top of the Funnel” marketing source because it brings in so many new leads that convert 50% more than other social media sites.

Hey Big Spenders!

You could probably find buyers anywhere, but why not go for the big fish? Pinterest shoppers “spend more money, more often, on more items than any of the other top 5 social media sites.” Your highest quality prospects are clicking more on Pinterest than anywhere else. And they’re not necessarily looking for a sale; they’re looking for quality! They are searching for their dream products. This is where your big fish are swimming.

A Place Where Everyone Knows Your Name

With over 70 million users, there are still only 500,000 companies with a Pinterest account. Compare that to Twitter, where 97% of all brands in the US have an active Twitter account. This is a ripe market with plenty of interested high quality prospects ready to know you – actually looking to know you – just a click away.

It’s Really Social (and really, really addicting)

What good is a social media site if it doesn’t actually share? Pinterest has a special ability to make your pins go viral. In fact, stats show that 80% of Pinterest’s pins are repins. That means most of the posts on the entire website have been shared and re-shared over and over. Also, many users describe Pinterest as very addictive. The average time spent on the site in one viewing is 14.2 minutes. How does that compare to your website’s average time on page?

Inbound Link Heaven

Sharing is great, but linking is better… and that’s what makes Pinterest uniquely powerful. Your pins are embedded with your website URL. Every click drives traffic. Every re-pin links back to you. Links built through images are the most effective source of sales-driving social engagement. It’s no wonder Pinterest is quickly becoming the King of social media marketing.

Bottom line: If you’re not leveraging the power of Pinterest, you’re letting the competition hook your big fish.

Keep a lookout for our follow-up blog with great tips on how and what to pin on your Pinterest boards to maximize traffic and sales.