• 4 Ways to Develop Your Personal Brand

    Question: What’s stopping your customers from buying a cheaper knock-off version of your products at a pharmacy or department store? Or if you sell a somewhat popular direct sales product, what’s keeping those customers from placing orders from other distributors? Answer: YOU! It’s all about YOUR PERSONAL BRAND. Coffee You OverPay For (and what you… Continue Reading

  • How Flying Man Revolutionizes the MLM Sales Process

    If you scroll through this blog, you’ll see that many of our posts focus on one of our specific online marketing tools or MLM software features. Recently, one of our readers asked us if we could explain how all the features of our comprehensive technology work together to help a network marketer along each step… Continue Reading

  • Attraction Marketing with Flying Man

    We see it so many times… A desperate Facebook post, begging for last minute sales before an online order is placed. A new over-zealous (and misguided) direct seller, pushing vitamin supplements on anyone within earshot at a summer barbeque. An overworked, underpaid employee passing around a product catalog in the break room for “anyone who might… Continue Reading

  • Search Engine Marketing – Put Your Money Where Your Customer Is

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a completely free way to boost your website ranking on search engine results and drive more organic traffic to your site. However, SEO can sometimes be a timely and uncertain endeavor. It could take weeks – sometimes months – of daily dedicated efforts before you make it on Google’s first… Continue Reading

  • MLM Direct Sales

    If you think MLM companies are stuck in the 20th century, think again! Network marketers are earning more than they ever have before and succeeding at an unprecedented rate (85%!). It’s no wonder over half a million people in the US join the industry every year. They are educated, charitable, hard-working, and they are truly… Continue Reading

  • The Top 5 Tools Every Network Marketer Needs

    There are many MLM software systems and marketing packages available today for network marketers, but how do you know you’re getting exactly what you need? And why pay for a huge package with tons of features that you and your recruits will probably never use? No matter what industry you’re in, there are 5 essential… Continue Reading

  • 12 Ways to Break Blogger’s Block

    Fact: You need a blog to promote your network marketing business (if you think you don’t, read this). But coming up with 2 or 3 blog topics a week isn’t easy, and the monotony of generating that much content can quickly lead to blogger’s block. You do not have to give in to blogger’s block!… Continue Reading

  • 6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Blog

    Despite what you may have heard, blogging isn’t for every network marketer.  If you’ve doubted the benefits of blogging, read on! Find out if you fall into the small category of entrepreneurs or who should not engage with customers on this digital platform. Should you start a professional blog? Take the quiz! You should NOT… Continue Reading

  • 5 Tips to EMPOWER a Network Marketing Team

    Here’s a question for all the network marketers out there: how do you keep your team members, downline builders, and loyal customers onboard? If you want your team members to stay and grow alongside you, it is essential for you to spark the fire and constantly motivate them. You want them to be excited every… Continue Reading

  • 4 Reasons Network Marketers Fail

    Don’t let your sales force become a statistic! You’ve no doubt heard the staggering stat that 95% of the network marketing sales force ends up quitting their business. Not only is this an unfortunate reality for our crucial home-based business population, but it’s also (obviously) bad news for YOU! Take some time to understand the… Continue Reading

  • Online Marketing with Pinterest: Start Catching Bigger Fish!

    Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus… you may think you have your social media bases covered. But if you’re not “pinning”, you’re missing out on hot leads and high revenue per click. Pinterest has only been around since 2010, but it has just recently become the most lucrative social media site for online marketing. Here are… Continue Reading

  • 5 Ways to Be More Liked (on Facebook, that is)

    A business Facebook page can be an effective marketing tool that engages customers and motivates an MLM sales force. Ultimately, a Facebook page’s purpose is to drive more warm leads to your website and help convert traffic to sales. Your first step in maintaining a bustling Facebook page is to gain as many fans and… Continue Reading

  • 7 Free Online Marketing Techniques

    Got a website? How can you get people to visit it? We have compiled 7 tried-and-true ways you can increase traffic to your website. And the best part is that they are all 100% free! These 7 techniques will help you pique interest, generate leads, and drive qualified prospects to your site. 1. Social Media… Continue Reading

  • Social Media: Is it worth YOUR effort?

    When your business began as a small, start-up company, it probably made sense to manage your social media accounts yourself. But now that you have a large-scale operation with a growing sales force, it might actually be hurting your business to stay on top of your social media campaigns. Think about this: You know your… Continue Reading