The 1 Tool Your Direct Sales Business Needs

What tools do you rely on to run your direct sales business? When clients first come to us, this is one of the first questions we ask, and we typically hear the same answers:

  • Social Media
  • Website
  • Auto Responders

All of these tools are great – and necessary! But on their own, they just aren’t enough. It is virtually impossible for the average direct seller to establish a searchable presence on the internet and convert organic traffic without an integrated system that communicates between the websites, the emails, the newsletters, and the social media posts. It all needs to connect in one user-friendly, streamlined interface that is tailor-fit for the products, the targeted customers, and the business owners.

Online Marketing Solutions, the Heart of FMP

This brings us Flying Man’s mission: to equip direct sellers with customized software that solves problems and provides tangible, business-building and money-saving solutions. Our Co-Founder and Development Director Darryl Prusak was working on Internet programming before the Internet had graphics! We have been developing systems for businesses and marketers for decades, and, not to brag, but we know what works. We know what direct sales companies need.

You see, this is more than our job, it’s our heart.

After all of our trial and error, we have developed a software that we truly believe in. And while we’re continually updating, tweaking, and improving it, this baby is here to stay!

Fly with Flexmark

Let’s start by defining what Flexmark isn’t. It’s not a pre-packaged template with cookie cutter websites. It’s not a fixed system that will remain stagnant year after year. It’s not a website. It’s not a prospect generator. It’s not an emailing system.
It’s a blank slate.
It becomes whatever you need. Everything you need.
One interface, one Suite, one campaign.

Flexmark is an integrated, living MLM software system that we customize to each company’s exact needs. It morphs into your brand and learns to speaks to your targeted audience in their particular dialect. It grows with you as your business matures and your needs change. It connects all of your online marketing initiatives and helps you manage everything at once, together.

Flexmark Software Features:

Top-Ranking Websites

Google loves our replicated websites! Our sites rank well in search engine results without any additional SEO help (although even the slightest bit of effort will boost rankings even more!). And with online ordering capability, you can be instantly awarded commission after an online sale is booked.

Backoffice Suite

The reason our sites rank well is because they aren’t standing on their own. The website may be the storefront of your business, but then we equip you with an entire suite full of supporting features. Each website is connected to powerful opt-ins, prospecting tools, a web-based emailing system with beautiful targeted marketing emails already included, social media integration, a task manager, online marketing tools and training, and more.

Customized Packages

Flexmark offers over 100 features, and we are constantly adding more as we meet clients with new needs and business challenges.

Beginner-Friendly Technology

We want even the most technologically challenged direct seller to achieve online success. These aren’t empty words! Our Customer Care team has received more phone calls than you could ever imagine from people who just got the internet in their home for the very first time, and they want to get started with an online direct sales business. The great thing about Flexmark is that you can make it as easy or complex as you want. It can be as simple as signing in and clicking a few buttons, and as sophisticated as configuring SEO data for your analytics reports.

Reliable Training and Support

This is the best part of our job, because it gets back to the heart of why we do what we do! We provide one-on-one training sessions, webinars and workshops, a video blog, and email newsletters to help direct sellers learn how to use every aspect of Flexmark. This multi-faceted training process allows everyone – in any time zone and with any schedule – to absorb the information at their own pace when it is most convenient for them. Of course, you don’t have to wait for a scheduled webinar! Our bilingual Customer Care team is available via real-time Live Chat, in-depth phone support, and personalized email support.
So let’s look at that first question again:

What do you need to make those online sales and grow your company?

What will help your website get the attention it deserves?

How do increase your social media activity?
It’s time to ditch the list of 5 or 10 tools. All you need is 1.