• Why You Don’t Need an Upline

    The Case of the Disappearing Upline Last week, one of our customers called to talk to us about his struggling direct sales business. His chief complaint was his upline – who had gone MIA. She was supposed to help him get started, he explained. She could have put 3 people in his downline by now,… Continue Reading

  • The Benjamin Franklin Effect for Network Marketers

    What Do You Do With an Unresponsive Prospect? How do you handle a situation in which an interested prospect does not respond to your trusted sales pitches? They fit into your niche market perfectly, and all the stars seem to be aligning just right! But for some reason, everything you do or say seems to… Continue Reading

  • The Tao of YOU (and Your Business)

    Online marketing is no joke. You’re managing 5 different social media channels with regular posts and engagement, blog writing, blog commenting, article writing, paid advertisements…and everything else you need to do to run your network marketing business. Many of our clients who try to follow all of our advice come to us a week later… Continue Reading

  • MLM Direct Sales

    If you think MLM companies are stuck in the 20th century, think again! Network marketers are earning more than they ever have before and succeeding at an unprecedented rate (85%!). It’s no wonder over half a million people in the US join the industry every year. They are educated, charitable, hard-working, and they are truly… Continue Reading

  • It’s Just A Ride

    As we approach the 20th anniversary of Bill Hicks’ death, our team at Flying Man Productions would like to share how he has inspired us and helped us counsel other marketers. He was so much more than a stand-up comedian and musician. Beyond the laughs, culture critique, and dark comedy insights, Bill Hicks left us… Continue Reading

  • 12 Ways to Break Blogger’s Block

    Fact: You need a blog to promote your network marketing business (if you think you don’t, read this). But coming up with 2 or 3 blog topics a week isn’t easy, and the monotony of generating that much content can quickly lead to blogger’s block. You do not have to give in to blogger’s block!… Continue Reading

  • 5 Tips to EMPOWER a Network Marketing Team

    Here’s a question for all the network marketers out there: how do you keep your team members, downline builders, and loyal customers onboard? If you want your team members to stay and grow alongside you, it is essential for you to spark the fire and constantly motivate them. You want them to be excited every… Continue Reading

  • 12 Timeless Tips for Success

    Industry “expert” opinions, endless “How To” articles, unsolicited advice… there is no shortage of opinions and suggestions for entrepreneurs. Filtering through the noise to find the few nuggets of wisdom can often be difficult. And especially for business owners, unwelcome and unhelpful advice can often threaten focus, creativity, and audacious goal setting. We hope you… Continue Reading