• The 1 Tool Your Direct Sales Business Needs

    What tools do you rely on to run your direct sales business? When clients first come to us, this is one of the first questions we ask, and we typically hear the same answers: Social Media Website Auto Responders All of these tools are great – and necessary! But on their own, they just aren’t… Continue Reading

  • Flying Man – Services as Unique as You!

    Looking for a Pre-Packaged Bundle of MLM Services – which may or may not suit your specific needs? Of course you aren’t! Flying Man – Unique MLM Services for Every Client After 9 years in business, no 2 Flying Man clients have received the same set of services. Every MLM company we’ve had the pleasure… Continue Reading

  • How Flying Man Revolutionizes the MLM Sales Process

    If you scroll through this blog, you’ll see that many of our posts focus on one of our specific online marketing tools or MLM software features. Recently, one of our readers asked us if we could explain how all the features of our comprehensive technology work together to help a network marketer along each step… Continue Reading

  • Network Marketing – No Experience Necessary?

    One of the main reasons why 600,000 people are joining the network marketing industry every year is because of this bold claim: “No Experience is Necessary to become successful and make the income of your dreams!” …and this: “You don’t need a background in sales to climb to the top! All you need is a… Continue Reading

  • Flying Man Productions – MLM Software, Top-Ranking Websites and Beyond

    “What IS Flying Man Productions?” We’re asked this question a lot. And like all great things, there’s no quick, simple answer. We are anything our MLM client needs us to be. Design Department Social Media Department SEO Department Copywriting Department Marketing Department Multimedia Department Support Department Education Department In other words, we help network marketing… Continue Reading

  • The Top 5 Tools Every Network Marketer Needs

    There are many MLM software systems and marketing packages available today for network marketers, but how do you know you’re getting exactly what you need? And why pay for a huge package with tons of features that you and your recruits will probably never use? No matter what industry you’re in, there are 5 essential… Continue Reading

  • 4 Reasons Network Marketers Fail

    Don’t let your sales force become a statistic! You’ve no doubt heard the staggering stat that 95% of the network marketing sales force ends up quitting their business. Not only is this an unfortunate reality for our crucial home-based business population, but it’s also (obviously) bad news for YOU! Take some time to understand the… Continue Reading

  • Get out of the Circus: MLM Web Marketing Tools that Work

    The Great Juggling Act If you’re like most Multi-level marketing companies, you have a lot to juggle at once: manufacturing and distributing quality products, designing and managing a competitive business model, recruiting a solid sales force, and more. It comes as no surprise that many companies drop the ball when it comes to training a… Continue Reading

  • The 4 Compensation Structures – Which is Right for Your MLM?

    Have you chosen a compensation structure for your start-up network marketing company? Since it is extremely difficult to switch structures once you have an established company, this is one of the most important and permanent decisions you’ll make. There are 4 main structures that have become extremely successful and popular: Breakaway, Uni-Level, Forced Matrix, and… Continue Reading

  • 7 Reasons Your MLM Needs FMP Software

    If you run a multilevel marketing (MLM) or direct sales company, you need a powerful system that creates productive distributors and makes happy (returning!) customers. You need a web-based system that will empower your distributors to expand your brand around the globe. You need Flexmark from Flying Man Productions: Proprietary MLM Software that offers the… Continue Reading