How Flying Man Revolutionizes the MLM Sales Process

If you scroll through this blog, you’ll see that many of our posts focus on one of our specific online marketing tools or MLM software features. Recently, one of our readers asked us if we could explain how all the features of our comprehensive technology work together to help a network marketer along each step of the sales process.

Let’s look at THE BIG PICTURE with Flying Man Productions: How to integrate every aspect of Flying Man’s MLM system – from first contact with the prospect to closing the sale. We’ll follow a hypothetical sales scenario so you can see how it works from start to finish.

Step 1: First Contact (Customizable Marketing Supplies)

When you first meet your prospect (let’s call him Tom), you’ll take some time to get to know him and what his interests are before giving him your business card. Flying Man creates Multiple Replicated Websites for our clients, each with a different focus and a distinct niche audience. Once you’re confident which website will make the most impact on Tom, give him the business card with the customized website domain of the targeted website.
Where do you get these personalized, professional business cards, you ask? From us, of course! Flying Man designs beautiful marketing products that correspond well with each of our websites.

Step 2: Finding You on the Web (Replicated Websites)

Good news – Tom was really interested in your business and wants to learn more! Even if he lost your business card, he can still find you on the web. Our Replicated Websites are SEO-friendly and designed to rank well in search engines. If Tom types “[business name] + [location]” into a Google search field, he should be able to find you (especially if you’ve followed our SEO optimization advice).

Step 3: The Opt-In (Online Marketing Tools)

When Tom visits your website, he has the opportunity to opt-in to receive a variety of free products – ebooks, a newsletter campaign, a free DVD, or even a simple contact form. It’s a win-win scenario: he receives a product that captivates his interest, and you receive his contact information.

Step 4: A New Prospect (Prospecting Tools)

After Tom signs up for an opt-in campaign, the contact information he provided on the sign up form is sent directly to your Backoffice Suite – to a prospecting tool we call the Prospect Manager. You will receive an email notification immediately, and when you log into your Backoffice, you’ll find him as a “New Prospect” waiting for you on the home page.
If Tom signed up for an opt-in, it will be automatically sent to the email address he provided.
To make your work more efficient, Flying Man helps you create groups within your database. The Grouping Feature will not only help you organize your prospect list, but will allow you to really pinpoint your marketing efforts by sending targeted emails to particular groups for maximum impact.

Step 5: The Follow Up (Web-Based Emailer)

Now it’s time to follow up with your prospect! If you’re not a marketing copywriter, don’t stress! We have already done all the hard work for you.
We fill our client’s Backoffice with a wide array of email marketing templates – all with heavily researched marketing angles, targeted to different audiences. Your Emailer makes it very clear which email templates are meant for specific niche groups.
You can choose one of the many templates from the Emailer and either send it as-is or customize the content to put it more in your own voice. You can even add an attachment to a template if you have a powerful video or document to share.

Step 6: Schedule a Call (Task Manager)

Your life is busy, but thanks to Flying Man’s Task Manager feature, you’ll never miss another appointment or phone call again! As soon as you finish sending an email, you can schedule a time to call him from a special tool in your Backoffice. We’ll send you an email to remind you to follow-up.

Step 7: Do Some Investigating (Email Stats)

Before you pick up the phone to call Tom, check to see if he opened the email you sent him. You can do this with the Email Statistics Tool. If he opened the email, make sure you remember to ask him about it. If not, give him a heads up that you sent an email and confirm that you have the best email address.

Step 8: Continue Building a Relationship (Social Media Integration)

If you sell a high-end product that can take awhile to close, you’ll need tools to help you maintain the follow-up. The vast collection of marketing email templates will help, but so will Flying Man’s seamless social media integration. Crosslinking your social media platforms will increase your SEO ranking AND continue to keep prospects like Tom engaged and interested until they’re ready to buy.

Step 9: Closing the Sale (Online Ordering)

When Tom is ready to close, encourage him to purchase online directly from your website. This great feature saves you the time and hassle of doing the paperwork yourself, and it’s more convenient for Tom as well! You will instantly receive notification that he made a purchase and officially became a new customer.

Step 10: Put Tom in Your Downline (Business Replication Tools)

Now that you have a new customer, don’t lose contact! You should be sending announcements and training materials to retain customers – and even encourage them to join the Business Opportunity! Luckily, there are many templates in the Emailer geared towards current customers and team members.
We also give you a Team Website and Team Database – to help you recruit new members and manage your team with ease. The Team Site includes Genealogy reporting, so you can follow your recruits’ progress …. and your earnings!

Our goal at Flying Man Productions is to empower network marketers with tools that make their job easier. We want you to help you find prospects, communicate with ease, and simplify the sales process so you can focus on growing your business.

If you have any questions about the Flying Man system, please reach out to us! Post your questions or comments below, or send us a private message from our website.

Cheers to your success, everyone!