5 Ways to Make Your Business Social

(and get more sales!)

How can network marketers expand beyond their local community and make online sales?

By driving traffic to their website through social media marketing!

Social media marketing helps entrepreneurs and MLM distributors establish connections and relationships with potentially thousands of customers and prospects, all from a computer or Smartphone.

Take a look at the biggest Social Media Websites that will increase your sales:

1. Facebook

Facebook wasn’t the first social networking tool to take the world by storm, but so far it has generated the most impressive numbers. As of October 2013, Facebook boasted 500 million users and 2 billion connections between local businesses and their customers. There’s no doubt that an active Facebook business page is a necessity for any company.

Keep this in mind when promoting your business on Facebook:

  • Be engaging! Post pictures regularly. Ask questions. Reply to comments quickly. Dialogue with your interested online community.
  • Create fun, interesting and valuable content on a blog, and then link your blog article on Facebook.
  • It’s all about balance. Publish as many conversational posts as direct marketing posts.

2. Twitter

Twitter is the world’s leading form of instant mass communication, and customers LOVE it! The days of calling a 1-800 number and being placed on hold are over. Now customers and distributors can engage with the network marketing company directly – in 140 characters or less! And here’s why it’s good news for you:

Twitter allows you to

  • Share relevant, newsworthy and unusual links relating to your topic.
  • Mention your latest blog posts to drive traffic to your website.
  • Send @mentions to popular voices within your niche.
  • Follow people who are already active in the niche you’re promoting.
  • Use hashtags to join trending conversations and keep your company relevant.

3. Blogs

If you don’t have a blog already, you are behind the curve! Blogs are necessary for spreading the word about a particular product, discussing an upcoming promotion, and engaging in an interesting virtual conversation with your readers. By doing nothing but blogging, you will establish a strong web presence that links to your website and increases your traffic. You can also use your account to comment on other peoples’ blogs (which will, of course, link back to your own blog or website). WordPress and Google Blogger are the two most popular (and free!) blog hosting sites. They are both extremely user friendly.

4. LinkedIn

Think of LinkedIn as a professional version of Facebook. But unlike Facebook, you can optimize your profile for the keywords you want your website to rank for in search engines. Then everything you post will help increase your search engine rankings. You can publish status updates, blog posts, press releases, and links to your blog or website. Be aggressive with LinkedIn! Ask people to review you and your business, and invest time in expanding your network and connecting with new people.

5. Pinterest

It may be new, but Pinterest is more than a trendy fad! In fact, it’s turning clicks into sales faster than any other social media site – by a wide margin! For more information, check out our blog post devoted to Pinterest marketing.

Social networking is here to stay, and is a powerful and FREE tool for marketing any business. Grow your network marketing business and expand your network by using these social networking tools daily.