Flying Man Productions – MLM Software, Top-Ranking Websites and Beyond

“What IS Flying Man Productions?”

We’re asked this question a lot. And like all great things, there’s no quick, simple answer.

We are anything our MLM client needs us to be.

Design Department

Social Media Department

SEO Department

Copywriting Department

Marketing Department
Multimedia Department
Support Department
Education Department

In other words, we help network marketing companies empower and equip their sales force with every tool they could possibly need:

1. Flexmark Software

FMP has built a revolutionary proprietary software with over 100 customizable features. Every system we program is uniquely catered to our specific client and meets the needs of direct sellers just like you!

2. Multiple TARGETED Replicated Websites

Do you give the exact same sales pitch to every single prospect, without finding out everything you can about their life or interests? Of course not! An important part of the sale is understanding why your prospect would be interested in the products.

This is target marketing: identifying which group or niche your prospect fits into, and presenting a strategic sales message catered to that niche.

It’s aiming at the bulls-eye, instead of randomly shooting arrows in any direction.

FMP’s replicated websites are famously targeted for maximum effectiveness and high search engine ranking. We write, design, and program every aspect of the website for one particular niche group. And we create multiple websites – each with a different focus – so you can strategically promote your products with the right message, every time.

Here are examples of targeted websites we created for our client Enagic®:

The IntroducerThe Introducer
The MultilanguageThe Multi-Language Product Info Site
The TeaserThe Teaser and Traffic Generator
The Business BuilderThe Business Builder
The Eco-Friendly SiteThe Eco-Friendly Site
The Commercial SiteThe Commercial Site
The Ukon SiteThe Ukon® Site

3. Domain Configuration

A personalized domain name turns a direct sales business into a memorable brand. FMP provides a free service of configuring personalized domain names to our customers’ replicated websites.

4. Prospecting Tools

Wouldn’t it be great to have a Backoffice Suite full of prospecting tools to help you efficiently follow up with every customer? Our most popular features are:

• Irresistible Opt-Ins

Capture your website visitor’s information with ease! We create and design eBooks, Auto-Responders series, Newsletters, and other product-related opt-ins for each specific website. Your prospects will enjoy a freebie that actually interests them, and YOU will get their contact info without lifting a finger yourself.

• Prospect Manager

The Follow-Up is so much easier when you stay organized! The Prospect Manager is an all-in-one database that shows all of a prospect or team member’s information at a glance – contact information, history of correspondence, emails they received and opened, and more.

• Grouping Feature

Categorize prospects into smaller groups to tailor-fit their targeted marketing campaigns and promote your business more effectively.

• Task Manager

The Task Manager helps you remember those all-important prospect-building tasks. Schedule phone calls, events, meetings, and more in the Backoffice calendar, and then receive automated reminders via email.

5. Web-Based Emailing System

Entrepreneurs don’t have the time to write a unique email to each and every prospect and team member. And let’s face it, impersonal bulk emails only end up in a spam folder. FMP has solved this Correspondence Conundrum once and for all with our Oneclick email templates. WE write and design marketing emails that you can send to targeted groups in 1 easy click – and they each receive a personalized email that looks like you spent hours preparing!

6. Print Media

Marketing brochures & flyers, customizable business cards, beautiful presentation folders, event banners, notepads, magnets & stickers…we create all the premium promotional supplies you need.

7. Video Production

Did you know that customers who view product videos are 35% more likely to buy online? Our Multimedia Production crew specializes in converting website traffic into loyal customers with gripping product videos that make your customers click to “Buy Today!” We also create compensation videos to captivate those business seekers looking for the next great business opportunity!

8. Training Webinars

FMP provides live online training webinars to help you increase website traffic with (free) online marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques.

9. System Training

We want every network marketer to LOVE the FMP system! That’s why we create a video blog filled with training videos for every feature in your Backoffice. These helpful videos allow you to learn how to use the tools in your toolbox at your own pace from the comforts of your own home.

10. Support Center

Our very helpful Customer Care and Support Teams are always pleased to help our customers via phone calls, support tickets, and LiveHelp Chats – 12 hours a day, 5 days a week. We are standing by to provide reliable, friendly service and technical assistance!

For more information about Flying Man services, check out our website!