5 Ways to Be More Liked (on Facebook, that is)

A business Facebook page can be an effective marketing tool that engages customers and motivates an MLM sales force. Ultimately, a Facebook page’s purpose is to drive more warm leads to your website and help convert traffic to sales.

Your first step in maintaining a bustling Facebook page is to gain as many fans and likes as you can. With over 250 million global Facebook users, the world is your stage! The business builders who will expand your MLM company across borders are just a click away. The niche market you have already identified are out there – clicking, sharing, commenting, and liking. All you need to do is somehow attract them to your page.

Here’s how to get more Facebook likes:

1. Make It Easy & Alluring

Set a goal that all of your website and blog visitors will “Like” your Facebook page.  How can you accomplish this goal? First, make the Social Share button as big, bold, and conspicuous as possible. Place it on the top of every website page and blog post. The easier it is to see, the more it will be used. Then offer a value proposition beside the button:

  • Click ‘Like’ to score daily deals on Facebook, or
  • Click ‘Like’ for a chance to win a free giveaway

…and speaking of free giveaways…

2. Offer a Bribe

Who doesn’t love free giveaways? Promote a Facebook contest on your Facebook page, website, blog, and other social media sites. Give away free merchandise to a random winner who shared your post, or to the 500th person who likes and shares your page. The more your contest is liked and shared, the more your friends’ friends will want to cash in on the excitement. It’s a small investment that always yields a great result.

3. Don’t Forget Print Media

We live in a digital world, but print media can still be a powerful marketing tool! Create a captivating flyer that advertises your Facebook page and include it with all of your sales slips and product shipments. Make sure your logo and Facebook account name is clearly and boldly displayed on the flyer. Remember that a value proposition will go a long way. Include a compelling reason why your customer should find you on Facebook:

We hope you love your purchases, and we hope you “like” us. Find us on Facebook and “like” our page for a chance to get 40% off your next order.

4. Expand Your Social Interaction

Step out of your comfort zone and get social! Don’t just post on your own Facebook page. Reach out to your distributors and other synergetic companies in your industry, and post on their social media sites and blogs. Expand your readership and fan base by widening your reach. Spend about 1 or 2 hours every day on social media marketing. If you don’t have the time for it (like most business owners), consider hiring an online MLM marketing company to do it for you.

5. Integrate Email Campaigns

Every piece of communication you send out should link to all your social media sites and invite your readers to like your Facebook page. With just a little bit of work, you can include your Facebook link and even add a “like” box to your email newsletters. And don’t forget your email signature! Type your Facebook page website address in your email signature along with your other contact information.

Even after you reach your goal, don’t ever stop growing! Keep up the momentum by posting what you know your fan base loves: viral images, photos of the corporate MLM team, daily deals or coupons, incentives for distributors, and so on. Make it FUN and always make it engaging.[/sociallocker]