12 Reasons Why Network Marketers Have It All

Peter Gibbons was on to something. There is so much more to life than working too many hours for too small an income, only to retire on less than you managed to live on most of your life.

The New American Dream

Our hope is that if you are reading this, you managed to get off the ride and carve a new, meaningful life for yourself. And the good news is, you are in good company! Did you know that 50% of American homes will be involved in the Multi-Level Marketing industry by 2015, with over 600,000 more network marketers joining every year? The stats don’t lie! (Click here for a helpful infographic with all the MLM Industry stats you could want) There is no end in sight for MLMers, and their life keeps getting better and better as the industry grows and expands online. Next time you’re speaking on a Business Opportunity call or recruiting a new consultant, make sure to mention the 12 life-changing benefits of owning a network marketing business:

1. The Flexibility

73% of direct sellers agree that the #1 benefit of direct selling is the freedom and flexibility to live life however you want. Your schedule and agenda is controlled by you and you alone. No more vacation request forms, no more coming in on Saturday, no more missed basketball games, and no more useless TPS Reports!

2. The Pay Off

In 2010, Network Marketing was a $28.56 BILLION industry. And unlike many other industries, the money does trickle down. 20% of home-based businesses earn $100,000 to $500,000 every year, with the average income at $59,250. Finding the right opportunity with a committed team and the right tools truly will put you on a path for long lasting financial success.

3. The People

69% of direct sellers say meeting and socializing with new people is one of the top reasons why they love their career. Even introverts find that the supportive, loyal environment of a committed team of networkers is an unexpected perk that keeps them in the business for the long haul.

4. The Rewards

No other field of work offers as many rewards, bonuses, incentives, and achievement recognition ceremonies as the MLM industry! On top of commission and regular residual income, the most popular MLM bonus check amounts are $500 and $1000. Perfect for people who need regular positive reinforcement.

5. The Benevolence

It’s a business with heart. Direct sellers are statistically more charitable than the average person. A whopping 91% give to charity every year.

6. The Balancing Act

29% of American direct sellers work at home with a family member. This is a wonderful solution to the age-old struggle of balancing work while raising a family. Don’t buy into the false dilemma that you have to choose between your career and your family. You really can have it all.

7. The Tax Deductions

Are you taking full advantage of the tax deductions Uncle Sam offers home-based businesses? Here is a list of expenses you can write off as an at-home entrepreneur:

  • Print Media (brochures, flyers, stickers)
  • Business Supplies (business cards, presentation folders, letterhead)
  • Copying & Printing expenses
  • Advertising expenses
  • Computers and Repairs
  • Office Furniture
  • Office space
  • File cabinets
  • Cell phone
  • Travel Expenses (mileage, parking fees, all transportation, lodging)
  • Meals
  • Event Expenses (conventions, conferences, seminars)
  • Entertainment
  • Business Gifts (up to $25 per recipient)
  • Internet Expenses (web hosting, domain names, web design)
  • Education for the Business (books, magazine subscriptions)

Note: This is not a comprehensive list! Please speak to a tax professional to make sure you get as many deductions as possible.

8. The Free Vacations

Most MLM companies offer incentive vacations for their top performing distributors. You see, they have found that incentive trips inspire distributors, create tighter bonds between teams, increase performance, and sustain motivation better than cash rewards. That means the more you vacation for free, the more profitable you will be.

9. The High Quality Products

Why work for a company you cannot personally identify with, when you can work for yourself and sell products or services that you actually want to use every day? Direct sellers practice what they preach. They know the product line inside and out because it has become part of their home and lifestyle.

10. The Changed Lives

As a network marketer, you are not only focused on your own financial success but the success of your entire team and downline. No one can tire of helping other people realize their dreams, and nothing can prepare you for that first time someone thanks you for helping them achieve success. It will motivate you probably more than anything else.

11. The Low Risk

Working from home as an MLMer gives you all the benefits of owning your own business without all the risks. In fact, our infographic shows that 85% of people working from home consider their business a success.

12. No Case of the Mondays

Too many people hate what they do but cannot find a way to escape. Most people in this industry have found that it truly is possible to make their vocation their vacation! Mondays are no longer something to dread.

What are your favorite benefits of owning your own business? Tell us in the comments below.