Attraction Marketing with Flying Man

We see it so many times…

A desperate Facebook post, begging for last minute sales before an online order is placed.

A new over-zealous (and misguided) direct seller, pushing vitamin supplements on anyone within earshot at a summer barbeque.

An overworked, underpaid employee passing around a product catalog in the break room for “anyone who might be interested.”

Begging for sales isn’t just ineffective…it can actually damage your business.

There is a much better way to get the sales you need to grow your business and establish a dominating presence in your industry: Attraction Marketing.

What is Attraction Marketing?

The philosophy behind Attraction Marketing isn’t new, but we are thrilled to see it gaining a lot more attention lately! Instead of blindly looking for customers, Attraction Marketing is a way to build yourself up as an authority in your field and attract interested, quality customers to you. Your marketing efforts are focused on building your brand and making your business easily accessible to the people who are already searching for your services.

Change Your Business Outlook

Think of it like this: if you have ever tried to improve your health by losing weight, you know that crash diets never work. Changing your body from the inside out goes so much deeper than the numbers on the scale. It takes a change in your mental focus – and a lifestyle overhaul – to get the lasting results you want.

The same is true for growing your network marketing business. You’re not looking for sporadic results; you want A LASTING, SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS of your very own. This means you’re running a marathon, not a sprint. You’re in this for the long haul, and it’s going to take some time and effort to strengthen your magnet and grow your piece of online real estate.

Here are a few (FREE) ways to make Attraction Marketing work for you:

• Gain Exposure on Social Media

Social Media is an excellent platform to warm up to the spotlight and attract attention from an enormous, always-growing audience. There are so many channels to build your brand! You can post valuable articles that people will read and then share with their friends, answer questions that complete strangers are asking in your industry, and offer solutions to problems that all of your ideal customers should be experiencing.

If you want to learn more about Attraction Marketing with social media, start with our blog post on Social Media Marketing. You can also dig a little deeper with our posts on: Blogging,  FacebookTwitter,  and Pinterest.

• Build Authority with Commenting

Wouldn’t it be great to jump on stage and join an official Panel with the thought leaders in your industry? Blog Commenting and Forum Posting allow you to do just that!

Commenting on blogs, articles, and forums online is extremely important to Attraction Marketing. This is a great way to build trust with highly targeted leads and make your name equivalent with the thought leaders in your field. The goal is to post quality comments on blogs and forums – comments that add value to the conversation and educate readers on your field. The more you post, the more people will notice you and recognize your name. We encourage you to participate in virtual discussions that are thoughtful, unique, and useful to other message board users by prompting discussion, answering questions for others, and just being helpful in general. You’re not selling your products; you’re raising awareness and providing education in your industry.

You don’t need to always find a way to incorporate your website link in your comments, but make sure your web address is included in your profile. As your voice slowly rises to the top, warm prospects will start researching how they can contact you directly to learn more information. It won’t happen overnight, but it WILL happen!

• Develop Trust with Videos

Attraction Marketing works best when you can shed light on problems your customers are already facing and provide real, trustworthy solutions. A powerful platform to do this is Youtube – a free video hosting website. Set up a channel of your very own and start recording short informative, educational videos. Be personal, be relatable, be YOU!

Come up with a catchy video title to draw in your visitors, and include an easy-to-find link to your website in the description box. You can also place clickable text boxes in your videos on YouTube to further encourage web traffic, and set up an email opt-in so your fans know when you’ve posted another video.

When you’re done, advertise your videos with an email marketing campaign and on all your social media sites.

• Draw in Customers with Article Marketing

Flood search engines with fresh content, and you will be sure to increase your website rank and gain a wide audience! Write informative, targeted articles (around 500 words each) and post them to article submission websites such as Make sure your article is newsworthy, entertaining, and solves a clear problem in the industry (we’re a broken record, aren’t we?). Remember, YOU are the expert here! Write with confidence! Include an author biography with a link to your website, and also pay close attention to editorial guidelines to ensure your article submission is approved.

Build It And They Will Come

We hope all of this sounds very familiar to you, because it is exactly what we have been promoting on this blog all along. Our goal is to help you become an authority in your field, establish a valuable piece of online real estate, and attract interested prospects to your website.

Flying Man Makes You the Magnet

If you already have services from Flying Man Productions, you’re all set and ready to go! We provide our clients with SEO-ready replicated websites that naturally rank well in search engines and can be easily integrated with all social media channels.

If you want interested customers to Google your services and find you on the first page, you need Flying Man!

Attraction Marketing Worked for FLYING MAN!

We have been using Attraction Marketing long before it was coined into a trendy phrase. The truth is, we have never had to hunt down new clients. They have always come to us! Flying Man Productions offers a truly valuable service that solves legitimate problems in the MLM industry. Our angle in marketing has always been to identify these very real problems and show how and why our comprehensive services are the solution… and it has always worked! Year after year, we help direct sales companies beat down the obstacles that have been holding network marketers back since the very beginning.

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