Ready, Set, Launch – The TripleRoot Website is Live!

Would you like to see what Flying Man has been working on behind the scenes?

We have just launched a brand new website for TripleRoot, a merchant processing company that we have helped brand, build, launch, and promote from the ground up!
This beautiful new website is designed to target small and mid-sized business owners who are paying way too much in credit card transaction fees (which we soon found out is an epidemic in this country!).

Check Out Our Favorite Features of the TripleRoot Merchant Website:


Crystal-Clear Processing Information & Education

Most of our clients need to educate their customers to some extent, but the credit card processing industry is a whole other ball game! Merchants have been deliberately fed confusing information about exactly how much they’re paying for their credit card transactions since the dawn of time, and no one has ever told them how much they’re overpaying! We love our client, TripleRoot, because they are determined to blow the lid off this industry, educate their merchants, and help business owners SAVE MONEY every month with transparent fees.
In order to do this right, our copywriters worked closely with TripleRoot’s Chief Visionary Officer Zachry Godfrey for months learning everything they could about the processing industry. We then took that abundance of information and created a powerful, targeted, SEO-friendly presentation that informs, holds interest, and is ready to rank in the search engines!


Cost Savings Calculator

“Okay, it’s great to know all about the industry, but let’s great right down to it: How much will I save?”
For the website visitors who want to get to the bottom line right away, our savvy programmers created a user-friendly Cost Savings Calculator. Visitors can quickly compute how much they will pay with TripleRoot, and how that compares to the competitors.


Gripping Testimonial Video

We say it all the time, and it still holds true: Videos convert traffic! Product videos and testimonial videos are what make website visitors click to sign up. Our multimedia team did a fantastic job putting TripleRoot testimonials together in a dynamic and entertaining 2-minute video.


Eye-Catching Design

Pleasing aesthetic, banners that pop, irresistible call-to-action buttons, seamless flow…we are so proud of the design and layout of this website!


Mobile-Friendly Design

Mobile devices love our websites, and the new TripleRoot site is no exception. Busy merchants on-to-go will experience this captivating website from their Smartphones and iPads just as well as they would from their office desktops.


Fast & Easy Online Sign-Up

At the end of the day, it’s all about the sign-ups! Every page on the website includes a call-to-action to sign up with TripleRoot, and our programmers have created an easy electronic sign-up process. In fact, new merchants can get started with TripleRoot in as little as 24 hours after signing up on the website!

At Flying Man, we’re all about the details! We know TripleRoot will LOVE this new site, and we cannot wait to walk this journey with them as they help merchants save money and grow their own businesses!

What do you think of the new website? Tell us in the comments below – we’d love your feedback!