4 Ways Flying Man Helps Introverted Network Marketers THRIVE Outside Their Comfort Zone

Comfort zones are warm, cozy spaces where you feel the most like yourself. For introverts, that usually means curled up in the comfort of your own home, or spending one-on-one time with a close friend.

But what happens when you start a network marketing business and are forced outside of your introverted comfort zone? You thought this would be a home-based venture – it sounded PERFECT for your personality! But instead you’re constantly meeting new people, attending noisy events in a large crowded room, and talking to complete strangers about products they may or may not be interested in. All these social interactions expend your energy, and when you finally do get home you are utterly exhausted.

What happened to your home-based business?

We at Flying Man Productions are here to tell you that you DON’T have to run your network marketing business the extroverted way! There is another option for you, dear introvert – a better way for you to THRIVE and GROW your business!

Flying Man Productions: An Introvert’s Best Friend

The software and online marketing tools from Flying Man Productions helps direct sellers run every aspect of their entire business from home – reaching far more people than word of mouth and person-to-person marketing!

Here are 4 reasons why Introverts love our system:

1. Flying Man Puts You in a Comfortable (and Virtual) Spotlight
Your business should be center stage, engaging your prospects and keeping your customers loyal. But standing in the spotlight is not exactly an introvert’s comfort zone. The good news is, Flying Man replicated websites are ingeniously designed to rank very well in search engines. Your WEBSITE can take center stage and land on the top of that first page of search results so potential customers are 33% more likely to find you online! We make you a local celebrity, without all the obligatory public appearances.

2. Flying Man Approaches Strangers for You
Does the idea of cold calling freak you out? Or approaching your friend’s mother’s neighbor at a barbeque, who you heard (through the grapevine) might be interested in your products?
Flying Man eliminates these socially uncomfortable situations because we bring interested prospects directly to your website.

Here’s how it works:

When your warm prospects search for your products or services in your area, they will easily find you on the first page of their search results (ESPECIALLY if you follow our SEO advice). When they click on your website, they are captivated with a targeted message and aesthetic that appeals to their interests. Then they see the opt-ins: eBooks, Auto-Responders series, Newsletters, DVD option, and other valuable product-related offers. Your prospects will enjoy a freebie that actually interests them, and YOU will get their contact info without stepping outside your comfort zone.

3. Flying Man Helps You Build Relationships (from your home computer)
After a potential customer has visited your website, it’s time to engage him in enticing, educational follow-up correspondence. If you’re not a fan of interactions with people you barely know, Flying Man has exactly what you need! We write marketing emails FOR YOU that are personalized with the prospect’s name in the greeting and your signature in the closing. You can even send these sales-closing templates to an entire group and they will each receive a personalized, professional, beautifully-designed email.
This allows you to build a relationship with your prospects and get them closer to the sale – from the safety of your home office.

**Note: We do recommend following up with a personal phone call a couple days after you send an email. This will allow you to fine-tune your target marketing and establish trust with the prospect. Sorry, we can’t make these calls for you….

4. Flying Man Appeals To Your Introverted Learning Style
We know that most introverts learn well through observation, which is why we create a training video blog for each of the companies we work with. We want all of our customers to feel confident using the online marketing tools and MLM software features we created just for their company! So if you’re not going to show up for our Interactive Webinars or approach our event booth for intensive group training, we’ll reach out to YOU where you’re most comfortable: at home. We fill the video blog with short, easy-to-follow training tutorials so all the network marketers in the company can learn at their own pace from the comforts of their own home office.
It really is possible to succeed in this industry, no matter what personality you have!

Check out our website for more information about the introverted-friendly online marketing services we offer.