Replicated Websites – 4 reasons why you need them!

You’ve got a promising direct sales, MLM, or network marketing company with quality products that you believe in. Now all you need to do is get those products in the hands of loyal, happy customers. No big deal.

Except, of course, that it is a very big deal. Even after you’ve corralled a team of committed business builders, you need to provide future-proof marketing tools THEY will need to close the sale and keep your company thriving.

Here are 4 reasons why you need to upgrade to replicated websites:

1. Searchable Sales Force

Your customers should never have to click away from the first Google Search Result page to find a local distributor selling your products! Your corporate website is great for educating and building brand recognition, but it is not enough to make a sale. Your distributors need to be searchable if you want to increase your online (and overall) sales.

While it’s true that some replicated websites do not rank well, Flying Man Productions has engineered smart search engine-friendly replicated website software that drives our sites to the Top 10. Even Technology-Challenged Todd from Small Town, Tennessee could pop up on the first page of search engine results if someone in his region searches for your products, and he could make an online sale from a total stranger.


2. Tools from the Top

We’ve all heard the tales of great MLMs that didn’t properly equip their sales force with corporate-approved marketing tools. Distributors are left to fend for themselves. Eventually the compliant, inspiring and true corporate message becomes diluted with flashy, questionable claims about your products and income opportunity. In the end, the MLM’s reputation and longevity is on the line.

Why waste time doing damage control? The solution is clear: give your distributors the marketing tools they need to sell your products and promote the business opportunity using YOUR words! When you fill the pipeline with customizable SEO-friendly replicated websites, your distributors will have many different professional, polished websites to choose from that fit their niche market and personal style. And you will never have to worry about Eager Esther’s questionable product pitch!


3. Social Media Limitations

“My distributors can market themselves on Facebook! Social media does wonders!”

We hear this a lot, but that doesn’t make it true. Social media sites are an important component of an integrated online marketing campaign, but they cannot be your sales force’s only means of promotion and sales. Posts, tweets, and pins should link back to a compelling targeted website that encourages customers of a specific niche market to “Buy Today” or opt in for more information. On their own, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, Instagram, and LinkedIn will only create buzz that is incapable of converting to sales.


4. Targeted Approach

A website that tackles too much information and attempts to reach too many people benefits no one. Search engines are confused; the customer isn’t compelled to opt in; the distributor loses the sale.

This is another reason why multiple targeted replicated websites perform so well. Replicated website software allows distributors to sell smarter, not harder. Each website takes a different sales approach, and each website will get the job done with the intended targeted audience. When the tone, design, videos, and content are focused on one niche market, we see a domino effect:

  • The website is more competitive in search engines results
  • Website traffic increases
  • Customers are encouraged to “Buy Today” because the site is speaking directly to them

Now everyone’s happy! The customer finds the products he wants, the distributor is immediately credited with an online sale, and your business continues to grow.

If you’re ready for the next level of MLM success, mobilize your sales force with SEO-friendly replicated websites. Check out our replicated websites, as well as other innovative online marketing solutions and MLM software from Flying Man Productions.