Get out of the Circus: MLM Web Marketing Tools that Work

The Great Juggling Act

If you’re like most Multi-level marketing companies, you have a lot to juggle at once: manufacturing and distributing quality products, designing and managing a competitive business model, recruiting a solid sales force, and more. It comes as no surprise that many companies drop the ball when it comes to training a sales force and equipping them with quality marketing and prospecting tools. Unfortunately, this has had damaging effects in the industry. Distributors often take it upon themselves to create marketing tools that are non-compliant and would never have received approval from the company. The distributors then sell these poor quality tools to their downline for a lofty profit – sometimes even making the purchase mandatory in order to join the team. As a result, you lose control of your brand image, and the top tier business builders create an empire that no new distributor could ever match.

Tools from the Big Top

There is one clear way for you to maintain control of your presentation, reputation, and impeccable image. All the marketing tools – replicated website software, brochures, flyers, booklets, marketing emails, ebooks, videos, and social media integration – must come from the top! When the sales force is equipped with professional, effective tools that actually WORK and help clinch the sale, they can focus on selling the products and growing the company.

But how can you find the time, resources, and expertise to create your own tools? You would need a new Marketing Department, Design Department, Copywriting Department, SEO Department, Multimedia Department, Programming Department, IT Support Department, Social Media Department, and PR Department.

Sound impossible? It’s POSSIBLE!

Sound expensive? It’s MORE AFFORDABLE than doing it on your own!

Multi-level marketing companies around the globe are discovering the benefits of bringing on a team of third party web-based marketing experts. This multi-disciplinary agency will become the voice and face your company, creating and managing everything related to equipping and training your sales force. They produce custom-built high-ranking replicated websites, MLM software, captivating marketing tools, and reliable Customer Support. This option allows your corporate office to focus on what you do best, and have peace of mind that all of your distributors are using compliant, effective, and professional tools to carry on the reputation you have worked hard to build.

The Ringmasters of Web Marketing

Flying Man Productions has been helping Multi-level marketing and direct sales companies increase their profitability, streamline their marketing, and equip their distributors with compliant tools for over a decade. With advanced proprietary MLM software, vast industry knowledge, and a focused, integrated approach, Flying Man Productions is the One (affordable!) Solution. Find out more about what we do on our website or like us on Facebook today.