Network Marketing – No Experience Necessary?

One of the main reasons why 600,000 people are joining the network marketing industry every year is because of this bold claim:

“No Experience is Necessary to become successful and make the income of your dreams!”
…and this:
“You don’t need a background in sales to climb to the top! All you need is a strong work ethic.”

No Sales, No Skill, No Service

Let’s say for a moment that it really is true – you don’t need any sales experience whatsoever to achieve your professional and financial goals in the MLM industry. What would that say about the learning curve for this business model? Can just anyone succeed at finding prospects, selling a product, retaining customers over the long haul, and recruiting team members to build a thriving business?

Calling All Extroverts!

If you DON’T need experience, that would imply that you would need to be naturally charismatic. You would have to be comfortable talking to people you don’t know about a product or opportunity they may or may not be interested in.You should also be prepared to step outside your inner circle’s comfort zone if you plan to approach your family and friends about the opportunity. Yes, it will make many of them uncomfortable, but their support is necessary if you don’t have a strong network already.

The Network Marketing Schedule

Of course, you need plenty of free hours in the day to make phone calls, answer emails, meet people out and about, and attend events.

Direct Sales , Direct Competition

And let’s not forget the market saturation issue. If you are going to become a local success, you should be one of very few distributors in your community.

So now let’s look at what we have:
You do not need industry experience as long as:

  1. You can step outside your comfort zone to market products and recruit new team members
  2. Your market is not already over-saturated
  3. You have many extra hours in the day
  4. You have a means of supporting yourself while you invest time and money in your new business

That seems like a lot of conditions! Should it really come as a surprise that the failure rate is so high when we’re throwing inexperienced salespeople out into the real world, telling them that 100% of their income is based on commission, and expecting them to be naturally good at it? This business model is clearly NOT for everyone!
Or is it?

The New Direct Seller’s Solution

What if you had a comprehensive Online Marketing System that took away all of those 4 conditions? What if this System was able to:

  • Capture new prospects information online
  • Automatically reach out to prospects with marketing and educational materials
  • Provide weekly marketing emails targeted to specific niche markets – helping you stay in touch (and highly relevant) with prospects and team members with just 1 click
  • Expand your reach beyond your local market and help you establish a prime piece of online real estate
  • Integrate all your social media accounts with your website so you could cross-promote
  • Book online sales from people you have never met
  • Grow and adapt with you, according to your feedback and “Wishlists”
  • Offer weekly training webinars to help you master every feature and tool of the System

At Flying Man Productions, we believe that very bold claim that ANYONE can succeed in the MLM industry as long as they have the System for Success – no matter what their background is! Our Prospecting Tools, MLM Software, Online Marketing Solutions, and Targeted Replicated Websites give direct sellers every premium tool they need at their fingertips to manage and grow their business around their own schedule. And we back it up with a full-throttle training initiative – because we want distributors to actually use these powerful tools we’ve created for them!

Here’s how a Flying Man Network Marketer blows the lid off those 4 conditions:

  1. You engage in virtual conversations online with people already seeking information about your product. Thanks to your SEO-friendly website and cross-promotion on social media, you position yourself as an authority on the subject and drive traffic to your website.
  2. Your market is the world wide web! Your reach is expanded beyond your local community, and it will never be over-saturated.
  3. You can schedule all of your correspondence for the entire day (or week), and then go about your day while we do the rest.
  4. Many of our customers make money in their sleep! When you learn how to work the System and take advantage of all we have to offer, your websites, auto-responders, and tasked correspondence will keep your business running while you’re living life.

So, yes, it’s true! With Flying Man Productions, you CAN succeed without a background in sales or a strong network in place.

How was your experience when you first entered the network marketing industry? If your company isn’t using FMP’s System for Success, do yourself and your new recruits a favor – tell them about Flying Man!