Where the Market Ends

Your product line is impeccable. Your commission structure is revolutionary. Your sales force support system is rock solid. You’ve done your research, and you know all the stars have aligned and the market is ripe for exponential growth.

What could possibly go wrong?

What if your best case scenario becomes a reality, and your sales force continued to multiply? Thousands more join your network and the momentum keeps growing, with no end in sight.
This may sound like the ideal situation, but if left unchecked, it could actually lead to your company’s downfall. Market saturation poses a very real threat to network marketing and direct sales companies. If every Tom, Dick, and Harry sells your product by word of mouth, their circles will eventually overlap and your products will no longer feel exclusive.

Think of what would happen if Hampton Hotels – the top franchise in the US – built 4 new beautiful hotel franchises off of one interstate exit ramp. Who would win in this situation? The customer would feel trapped by the lack of choice and competition, and would probably lose interest in this redundant, humdrum hotel. The franchise owners would be forced to split the loyal customer base between them, leaving no room for growth. And while Hampton Hotels corporate may see a short term boost, they would inevitably drown in their own saturation. This is why franchise contracts always include a territory and market agreement – to save them from over-crowding the market to the point of implosion.

Bottom line is: If you want to stay successful, you have to stay special.
You can do this one of two ways: limit the sales force or expand the sales force’s reach.

At FMP, we prefer to EXPAND!

We help our clients’ sale force go beyond their friends, family, acquaintances, postman, and random-guy-at-the-cafe. We equip them with the tools they need to take their business online to capture sales and build a team with people they may never meet in person. We transport our clients from the past to the future – ushering them into the global age of virtual business and relationships. And we hold their hands and train them along every single step of this exciting journey!

A collection of polished SEO-loving websites, user-friendly prospecting tools, ongoing marketing training, reliable tech support – we have it all! Every consultant, distributor, or independent director will establish a valuable piece of online real estate that has the potential to reach millions!

But we know it’s not just about increasing sales. There is an art to exclusivity. No matter how well known your brand becomes, it must never be commonplace. FMP specializes in preserving your specialness and improving your customers’ experience from first click to final sale.

THIS is the best case scenario:

  • Your customers LOVE their exclusive products.
  • Your independent sales force experiences an infinite market share, and they can grow and manage their downline… ONLINE!
  • Your sales increase and the company grows stronger than ever.

Everyone wins!

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