Social Media: Is it worth YOUR effort?

When your business began as a small, start-up company, it probably made sense to manage your social media accounts yourself. But now that you have a large-scale operation with a growing sales force, it might actually be hurting your business to stay on top of your social media campaigns.

Think about this: You know your time is valuable, and so is everyone else’s on your staff. But how much of your time is getting funneled into social media efforts?

It takes time (read: money) and a great deal of industry knowledge to stay ahead of the social trends and create a buzz around your brand. Recent studies have found that almost half of small business owners spend between 6 to 20 hours every week managing their social media! Who has time for that, especially as the business continues to grow? It is no wonder that a third of CEOs, owners, and proprietors wish they could spend less time on social media.

Why would you take energy away from doing what you already do best?

That is precisely why your MLM or direct sales company needs to become a Flying Man Production!

FMP: Skillful. Systematic. Social.

Flying Man Productions specializes in bringing social media sites to life and leveraging them to drive traffic to a website or blog. Our approach is twofold. First we create a cohesive multi-platform campaign to give your corporate brand a strong, memorable voice that sets them apart from the competition. Then we help your distributors manage their own successful social media marketing campaign.


Let’s take a peek at the social media mistakes most companies make, and how Flying Man Productions gets it right:


Mistake: You talk at your audience instead of engaging with them in a meaningful dialogue.

FMP Solution: Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Instagram, Youtube… we like to think of these sites as a virtual round table. Or better yet, a cozy café table. And we have mastered the art of creating a buzz, sparking an interesting conversation, and keeping your guests talking – all the while building brand recognition and customer loyalty.


Mistake: You spend too much precious time trying to craft the perfect catchy post.

FMP Solution: We’ve got this down to a science. Our Social Media team will keep the traffic flowing to all your campaigns. We also specialize in helping distributors with their social media sites – posts, viral images, blog topics and helpful sources, and more.


Mistake: In an effort to stir up more activity, you post comments, tweets, pictures, or viral images that do not resonate with your target market.

FMP Solution: FMP integrates our deep knowledge of your company and your audience with our proven social media strategies. We know how to build trust with your followers, get them excited about your brand, and direct them to your website!


Mistake: You do not respond quickly to your followers and fans.

FMP Solution: Your social media audience wants to engage with you in real-time, or as close to it as possible. This is especially true with Twitter. In fact, many consumers prefer to use Twitter for Customer Service issues over any other platform. Our team stands by to respond to tweets, keep a Facebook conversation flowing, answer blog questions, thank followers for retweeting or sharing, etc.


So go ahead – you know you want to!

Log off Facebook. Get back to what you love, and leave the posting, tweeting, blogging, commenting, and sharing to the pros. Contact us today or click here to find out if you qualify to become a Flying Man Production.