How to Make Your Distributors Likable (And why it matters for your company)

Have you ever thought about HOW your sales force is marketing your brand and products? How are they identifying their target market? How are they selling? The last thing you want is to leave your distributors completely ill-equipped for the real world of MLM sales.

Unfortunately, MLMs or direct sales opportunities can often have a polarizing effect in a neighborhood, social circle, or extended family. Distributors are confined to these tight inner circles to make their sales or find new recruits, and they put pressure on their loved ones and friends to “support” their new business venture. Every friend is now a prospect. Every family member a potential downline.
We’ve all seen it happen. Close friendships can become compromised, family holiday dinners become tense, and “friends” start getting blocked on Facebook.

Let’s break it down. Here are the reasons you’re currently ruining your distributors’ social lives:

You limit their market

When a local neighborhood is all a distributor has as his market, you’re ultimately in for trouble. His market will quickly be saturated, and all his new recruits will be limited to the small pool of people who have already said “no” to three other distributors. Think about this: if the success of your sales force is dependent upon their access to fresh, warm prospects and new recruits, how could they ever succeed in their isolated local markets?

You don’t give them tools

When a distributor doesn’t have marketing tools that come from the top, she’ll improvise. She may be tempted to exaggerate some claims in order to sell more products or recruit her friends. This sets everyone up for failure! When the truth comes out, you’ll have some very unhappy customers who feel deceived by your brand.

You aren’t training them

The beautiful thing about direct sales and MLM opportunities is that successful distributors don’t have to have a background in sales. But that doesn’t mean they don’t need to be trained. In fact, precisely because most of your distributors don’t have a background in sales, they should be taught how to effectively market and sell your products, and how to recruit new distributors. Don’t leave it up to their uplines to train them! This training needs to come from YOU.

You don’t give them support

Your sales force needs access to the company they represent. If you’re not providing reliable and easily accessible Customer Support to your distributors and customers, you will lose sales!



The FMP Solutions

At FLYING MAN PRODUCTIONS, we’d like to think we help your distributors maintain a very healthy social life. Our MLM software gives them freedom from their inner circles, and we train them how to direct warm traffic to their websites – so their sales aren’t dependent upon their friends and family.

We EXPAND their market

Our top-ranking replicated websites give the WORLD to your distributors! When they start ranking in the Top 10 for their niche market, they can make sales right on their websites – from people they will never have the chance to meet in person!

We give them powerful tools

FMP has developed proprietary MLM software to give your distributors all of the tools they need to enjoy long-lasting success! And since you approve everything, you’ll have peace of mind that every word and image is a truthful, positive reflection of your brand. Some of our incredible tools include:

We train, train, train

FMP doesn’t want to create tools that no one will use! Our marketing team invests a great deal of resources in training your distributors how to effectively use their tools so they can increase their website sales. We host live webinars, create an email training series, design tutorial videos, and offer one-on-one training with our LiveChat or phone support.

We provide friendly, reliable support

Get a brand new Technical Support and Customer Care Center! Our technicians and customer service reps belong to YOU when you become our client, and they are available 12 hours a day, 5 days a week – and sometimes more, depending on your needs. Your sales force and customers will have instant access to the answers, advice, and training they need.

So give Great Aunt Bev a break from the sales pitch over Christmas dinner, and equip your sales force with the tools and software they need to make their business go global!