5 Fail-Proof Steps to Sell High-Ticketed Direct Sales Products

If you are a direct seller of a high quality, high-ticket product, you know first hand how difficult it is to make customers look beyond the price tag. No matter how valuable you know your product is, and what a powerful difference it would make in the life of your prospect, sometimes the “How much does it cost?” question feels like a dead end.

But take heart! Your product is worth every penny (check out our “Price is Right” post to read why) and it IS possible to get past the initial sticker shock.

Here’s your goal in a nutshell: Value Proposition.

Everything you say should point to the value your product holds for the customer and why he should buy from you. Instead of apologizing or being coy about the price, explain why you cannot put a price on the undeniable benefits that will directly impact him.

Here are 5 ways to communicate the value of your high-ticket direct sales product:

1. Show How It’s Different

Research your competition. Then dig a little deeper and research some more. Know exactly what makes your product different from everything else in the industry. Where were the ingredients produced or grown, how is the formula different from the knock-off brand, what kind of materials does the competition use, how long is the warranty? This is called unique differentiation, and it helps the customer understand why they should be buying from you and no one else. For a great example of unique differentiation, check out this page. We built this beautiful replicated website for one of our top clients – Enagic® – which explains exactly what makes their first-rate product (Kangen Ukon®) different from every other turmeric supplement on the market. Notice how we left no doubt in the reader’s mind that Kangen Ukon® is a product unlike any other – from plant to final capsule.

2. Explain Why Different is Better

All of those differences will mean very little to your customer if you don’t tell him why Different is Better! So what if the product has a different formula than the knock off brand? How will that affect the customer? You must present specific benefits that are unique to your product and has a direct impact on your customer’s life. You’ll notice in the website example above, we have included a “Benefits” page to explain the quantifiable value of Kangen Ukon®.

3. It Makes Cents

Even after you differentiate your product from the competition and prove that it is worth every penny, you still need to convince your customers that it is worth their pennies. Consider how your product will actually save your customer money in the long run.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Decrease medical expenses with the holistic and preventative care
  • A concentrated formula that will last longer than watered-down retail products
  • The only product that will provide the desired results (which means every other product is a waste of money)
  • Pays for itself after a period of time and actually starts saving you money!

Find a way to present your product line in a way that makes solid financial sense. After all, your product is solving a problem or providing a solution for your customer, right? So how can this solution be understood as a financial gain?

4. Be the Authority

Your product or service is the industry leader and the Gold Standard. Nothing else comes close. No substitutions. No replications. No comparisons. Distancing yourself from the competitors is not the same as getting into a detailed, side-by-side product comparison. These close comparisons may confuse your prospects and put you in the same ball field as your competitor. But you’re not in the same field…you’re not even in the same game! What you provide is a premium experience with an ideal product or service. If your sales pitch is confident, well informed, and sets you apart as the authority in the field, the value can be clearly communicated.

5. Set Your Brand Apart

Brand loyalty will keep your customers coming back again and again. In fact, one study found that brand-loyal customers are willing to pay 15% more than they thought a product would cost as long as it’s made by their favorite brand (and 37% more if they feel rushed). Make your customers call in love with your company – with its commitment to quality, customer service, global wellness, a healthy planet, or whatever else your logo stands for. Don’t ever lose sight of the fact that what you’re selling is so much more than supplements, coffees, water ionizers, creams, makeup, security systems, or hand bags. You are the face of a world-renown brand, offering an experience and a lifestyle that supports a healthy economy and a better place to live. That is priceless!

How have you overcome the obstacle of selling a high-ticket item? Let us know in the comments below!