What’s in a (Domain) Name?

At Flying Man Productions, we equip MLM distributors with multiple, targeted replicated websites that make them searchable on the web and increase online sales. Our replicated websites are unlike any other! They are designed and programmed to get distributors just like YOU to rank on the first page of search engine results. It’s true that the actual websites look similar from one direct seller to another, but they can be optimized however the distributor chooses and capture sales of targeted online customers.

How is this possible?

The website owner’s SEO efforts have a lot to do with it, but so does their Domain Name.

Fingerprints on the Web

A domain is simply an address on the internet. For instance, our domain is “flyingmanproductions.com” – it’s our specific location on the web. The great thing about domains is that there is only one. No two locations can have the same domain, nor can the same domain be registered more than once. Think of your domain as your fingerprints – completely unique to you! The web address of your replicated website gives you a personalized web presence.

May I Have Your Name?

You can see why it is so important for any business to have a distinct, memorable domain name. When you invite a prospect to visit your website, you want her to know how to spell it and remember the name when she gets home, right? Even if you hand her a business card, you want the domain name to stand out and make a strong first impression and permanent impact.

Did you know over half of all internet users type a web address directly into the address bar instead of going through a search engine or other medium to find a website? Your customers want to side step the search engines and go directly to your website – so make sure you’re easy to find. That means you give your business an unforgettable name and promote your branded website with all the SEO techniques we’ve been sharing.

How to Purchase a Domain

You can easily purchase a domain from a domain registrar in just a few minutes. Some registrars offer more services than others. We recommend www.GoDaddy.com to our clients. They have great value, excellent customer support, all the tools you need, and you can even get free email for your domain. Trust us, that email is a GIFT! For marketing purposes, having your own domain email address ([email protected]) adds professionalism and credibility to your correspondence and online marketing efforts.

Name that Brand

Branding your business means taking on a new professional identity. You want the domain name to be unique and a clear indication of what your business is all about. Take some thoughtful time to brainstorm what name should symbolize your business, and then type it into the search field on GoDaddy.com to find if it’s available.

Here are a few tips we always share with our clients when they’re choosing a domain name:

1. Reference Your Keywords

Your Keywords are a great place to start! Do your due diligence and research long-tail Keywords, then choose the top 4 or 5 and try putting them together in a way that makes sense. A city name definitely helps search engines rankings. For instance, “OrlandoAlkalineWater” is much more direct than “HealthyWaterForLife”.

2. Get the .Com

If you come up with the perfect domain name (such as “OrlandoAlkalineWater”) but the .com is already taken, just say no! Forget it and move on! GoDaddy.com will try to talk you into the .net or .biz version of the domain name you love, but you will never rank well and you’ll lose a lot of traffic to the person who owns the .com version. We actually recommend purchasing all the variations of your domain as long as the .com is available. This will keep copycats from meddling with your website traffic.

3. Keep it Simple

Make it easy on your customers! The easier they can remember your name the faster you will increase your website traffic! Don’t use alternate spelling (“Krazy Korner”), numbers or symbols, words that are commonly misspelled, or a long name that would be difficult to remember. Your domain should be 2 or 3 words, max.

4. Describe Your Business

One of the reasons it’s so important to start with Keywords is because you need website users to have a general understanding of your business if you want them to click on your URL in a search result page. While it’s possible to establish a strong online presence for a business with a creative made-up name (e.g. Yahoo.com or Monster.com), it takes a lot more SEO efforts and paid marketing. On the other hand, a name like our previous example “OrlandoAlkalineWater.com” wouldn’t need a big branding budget.

Configuring Your Domain

After you’ve chosen a domain and purchased it from a registrar, it’s time to configure it to your replicated websites! This can be a little tricky, which is why we provide it as a free service to all our customers. You need to point your domain’s Domain Name Servers (DNS) to your web host by changing your DNS settings. Unless you’re very comfortable doing this on your own, we recommend calling a pro to walk you through it.

Once your domain is set up, your fingerprint is forever stamped on your business and you’re ready to expand your web presence with SEO!

Still have questions about setting up a domain name? Let us know in the comments below.