Featured Client Case Study: Signal Secure

Part 1: The Highly Optimized Website for a Startup Company

Meet Signal Secure: The Next Generation of Home Automation and Security.
Signal Secure specializes in bringing the world’s most advanced (and user-friendly) technology to beautiful Costa Rica, and their products are supported by their highly skilled team of bilingual technicians.

Signal Secure Logo

Step 1: The Brand

This groundbreaking company was still an early startup when they officially became a Flying Man Production. FMP worked closely with the Signal Secure team to design a strong logo and create a memorable brand which perfectly embodied the spirit and vision of the company and would make a strong impact on the local market.

Signal Secure Website

Step 2: The Website

Once the branding was complete, FMP created an optimized website that would allow Signal Secure to rank in the top 5 for highly competitive search terms (we’ll explore these results in our next blog post). We integrated a variety of design, content, and optimization techniques and tested and experimented until we found what actually works for the Costa Rican market. With just 10 seconds to make an impression on a web visitor, website optimization is one of the most important components to building a startup company and bringing in fresh prospects (and sales!).

Signal Secure’s corporate website includes:

Targeted Content & Design

FMP spent months collecting and analyzing research for Signal Secure’s target market before we started writing and designing their website. The carefully chosen content, syntax, and design speaks directly to Signal Secure’s targeted market. This technique increases the website’s search engine ranking, brings in more warm leads, and alienates the cold market.

Powerful Call-to-Action

We built a strong call-to-action into every page of Signal Secure’s website. The floating tab may be unobtrusive, but it captivates visitors with a clear value proposition and encourages them to opt in for more information.

Strong Incentives

The stats don’t lie! Our website statistics show that visitors who searched for specific products will stay on the Signal Secure website for up to 4 minutes before opting in. That means our optimization techniques have succeeded in stimulating prospects to convert by reinforcing the value on every page.

Mobile Optimization

This website was formatted and designed to easily fit on the screen of any mobile device. Signal Secure is currently receiving a flood of traffic from a variety of mobile devices.

Social Media Integration

The staff at FMP continues to create a buzz on Facebook, Twitter, and the Signal Secure blog. Our fresh content and interesting updates feed search engines and keeps driving more traffic to the site.

Signal Secure is gearing up to launch a brand new product and website… and we can’t wait to help them SOAR!
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