Flying Man Productions engineers replicated websites that rank in the Top 10 and increase online sales.

The Websites

Corporate Website

Corporate Website

Before you equip your sales force, you need to recruit your sales force! You need a strong corporate website to establish trust in your company and sell your brand.

Flying Man Productions will help you build the culture and community you desire with a robust website, so you can capture the business builders you need to grow your company!

Replicated Websites

Website Replication: Sales-Producing Websites for Distributors

(and believe it or not, they're Search Engine Friendly!)

It is true that replicated website systems usually do not enjoy high search engine rankings... until now! Search engines LOVE our replication software, and many of our clients enjoy a permanent spot in the Top 10. We know how to feed search engines with QUALITY content, and we know how to train distributors to drive organic traffic to their websites and maximize their online real estate.

We are the masters of effective replicated websites that rank high, make sales, and grow businesses.

We have perfected the combination of art, code, and copy.


Multiple Replicated Website Approach

We don't believe in an All-in-One website solution. That approach usually results in a loud, confused website that doesn't speak anyone's language. At Flying Man Productions, we use replication software to build multiple targeted websites so your distributors can sell smarter, not harder. This way, distributors can send a prospect to a website that has 1 carefully-chosen look, 1 focused message, and 1 killer sales pitch. Each website takes a different sales approach, and each website will get the job done with the intended targeted audience!

Website Maintenance

We have a long distance relationship with every website we build. We will provide support and maintenance for all FMP websites indefinitely!

Website Maintenance

International Reach

We live in a global world, and even small businesses are capable of expanding internationally with a little help! An important part of our website replication software is a state-of-the-art Language Translation Management System that provides speedy cost-efficient translations for all of our websites and other media. We guarantee polished translations and the same powerful Search Engine Friendly technology you enjoy on the original site.