Flying Man Productions creates online marketing solutions that position MLM, direct sales, and network marketing companies for growth and increased sales.

Marketing Strategy

Whether you are a start-up company or in desperate need for a fresh marketing angle, we can help! We are the kingpins of internet marketing solutions, and we are here to handcraft a unique marketing strategy that will perfectly position your company for growth and increased sales.

Branding your business


Flying Man Productions specializes in helping companies establish their brand identity. Our extensive multi-disciplinary experience in Internet Marketing has made us an online branding sensation, and our strategies are proven to increase sales! Bring in the experts to secure your brand voice, design your logo, frame your brand story, solidify a catchy slogan, and record your mission statement.

Market positioning

Market Positioning

Determining who you are in the industry and identifying your market can be difficult without some outside perspective. Let us help you define your target market, differentiate your company from the competitors, and develop a winning strategy to draw distributors into the business and target their customers. Our creative minds and passionate market researchers will position you to become the unmatched authority in your field.

Branding your business

Commission Structure

If you want to attract driven Business Builders to grow your company (and who doesn't?), you first need a generous and enticing compensation plan AND a killer marketing platform to show it off to the world. Flying Man Productions will work with you to design both of these necessary components. We build entire compensation structures based on your needs, and then create a comprehensive multi-media campaign to educate your business prospects. Our craftsmanship has already helped thousands of people around the world sign up and maintain a successful (and profitable) distributorship - which has generated exciting new revenue for our clients.

Branding your business

Your Greatest Translators

What are you saying? How are you speaking to your audience?

We are storytellers, and we know how to speak the right language. The designers, writers, and developers at Flying Man Productions all work together to share one compelling and authentic story to your target market.

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