Flying Man Productions has pioneered custom-built marketing software that can be tailored to any direct sales, network marketing, or MLM company.

Custom-Built MLM Software

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makes Flying Man Productions different from every other web-based marketing company on the planet?

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FMP's MLM Software that offers the savviest management and marketing tools for maximum results!

The Flexibility of Flexmark

We can't give away all of our secrets, but here's a freebie: No two clients have the same software system. We built Flexmark to problem solve every unique company's needs. After we get to know your brand, your products, your sales force, and your company, we design the system that is distinctively right for your business. You get the tools, programs, and websites you and your sales force actually need to increase sales and streamline every step along the way.

Who Benefits from Flexmark?

  • MLM Companies
  • Direct Sales Companies
  • Network Marketers
  • Sales Force
  • E-Commerce Websites

Features of Flexmark

We always start with the Flexmark Core, and then we custom build the rest of the integrated system for each client. The end result is a comprehensive system tailored to you, with the ability to adapt and grow as your business expands in the future.

Our most popular features include:
  • Members BackOffice, complete with
    • Prospect Management
    • Web-based Emailing System
    • Task Manager
    • Website Statistics
    • Billing Management
    • Genealogy Management
  • Top Ranked Replicated Websites
  • Email Auto-Responder Campaign
  • Ebook Campaign
  • Online Shop with Integrated Payment Gateways
  • Web-Based Form Builder
  • Compensation Management
  • Affiliate Tracking
  • Online Library & File Manager
  • Multi-Language System
  • Automation Tools
  • Unparalleled Support and Customer Care
FMP Flexmark

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