Flying Man Productions is everything a start-up MLM needs: branding, sales force building, replicated website software, marketing tools, and web marketing.

Start-Up Company

You have a vision and a great product, but you need help with logistics.

Start-Up Company

Step 1:

We Learn Who You Are

We get to know your company, your products and/or services, and your market. We learn everything we can about your field, even attending seminars or workshops if possible.


Step 2:

Market Research

We investigate your market and competitors, determining what makes you different and how you can establish yourself as the authority in your field. We get to know your target audience well, and quickly learn how to speak their language.


Step 3:


We help you come up with a company name (if you don't have one already), secure your brand voice, design your logo, frame your brand story, solidify a catchy slogan, and record your mission statement.


Step 4:

Commission Structure

Success is in the details! You need a generous profit sharing or compensation structure to lure ambitious Business Builders. We know how to build a program that is good for you, provides unlimited growth potential for your distributors, and is easy to understand.


Step 5:

Corporate Website

We build a website for your company that will educate customers about your products and distributors about your Business Opportunity.


Step 6:

Public Relations

We help you bring in the network marketing sales force that will make your business grow and succeed. We assist you in planning and promoting events, and offer our stellar Presentation and Speech Writing services. We promote and host your weekly sales calls. And after generating excitement and momentum on Social Media networks, we begin a web marketing campaign with professional automated Newsletters to your interested audience.


Step 7:

The Replicated Website Software

Once you have a sales force, it's time to equip them with the best marketing tools in the industry! First we build multiple replicated websites from a blank canvas (not a cookie-cutter template). You get one-of-a-kind systems that are easily navigated and capture prospects' information with enticing opt-ins. Each SEO-friendly website targets a different audience, so your distributors can have a focused pitch every time.


Step 8:

Tools, Tools, Tools

Our services provide so much more than websites! We create an entire BackOffice Suit for your distributors, with a Prospect Manager, web-based email, pre-written and designed email templates, social media integration, and more marketing tools. Our MLM Software provides an efficient internet marketing solution that helps distributors run their entire business with one comprehensive system!


Step 9:

Marketing Software Training

Why have lots of marketing tools if you can't use them? We create an intensive training campaign so your distributors will know how to use their new replicated websites, prospecting tools, and Backoffice. We educate them via print media, tutorial video blogs, webinars, newsletter campaigns, phone or LiveChat training sessions, and more. We teach them how to integrate their social media campaigns to drive traffic to their replicated website and make sales online.


Step 10:


A website should never be "finished." We will continue to update and maintain your website and campaigns indefinitely. And as your products and services grow and develop throughout the years, we're always here to help you refresh your brand and stay at the top of your industry.