The best online marketing software in the industry, customized to your unique needs! Check out the cutting-edge features of Flexmark MLM Software.

Flexmark MLM Software Core Features

The Best Online Marketing Software in the Industry

Flying Man Productions engineers custom-built marketing software that can be tailored to any direct sales, network marketing, or MLM company.

  • Contact Management (CM) System
  • Task Manager
  • Reminder System
  • Member Email Broadcast Manager
  • Integrated Private Messaging System
  • Favorite Links Manager
  • Integrated POP3 Email System
  • Custom Language System
  • Member Management System
  • Member Activity Reporting System
  • Member Class Access Management System
  • FlexField Manager
  • User-Id and Site-Id Manager
  • Members Data Import/Export Wizard
  • New account sign-up confirmation by email
  • System Preferences Manager
  • Payment Processor Manager
  • CM Preferences Manager
  • Install/Un-install Module Manager
  • Advance Data Exchange (ADE) System
  • System Email Notification Management System
  • Graphical Reporting System
  • New Members Report
  • Month to Month Annual Comparison Report
  • Top 10 Recruitement Report
  • Top 10 Income Earners Report
  • Website Replication System
  • Language Navigation Manager
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Web Form Builder
  • Marketing Tools
  • Directory / Secured Area Management System
  • Sub-Domain Management System
  • Revenue Manager
  • Billing Manager
  • Bonus Pool Manager
  • Commission Payout Manager
  • Set Minimum Payout
  • Compensation Reporting System
  • Retail Sales Transaction Manager
  • Mailserver Management System
  • Adminstrator Access Manger
  • Custom Skin Wizard
  • Cron AutoTask Management System
  • Database Maintenance System
  • Software Features & Fixes Update System
  • Top 10 Retail Proformance Report
  • Top 10 Campaign Subscription Report
  • Unique Hits & Footprint Report
  • Search Engine Keyword Report
  • Conversion History Report
  • Top Link Referral Report
  • Sales Management Software

Administrative Access Manager

  • Access Class Access class is used to grant permission to specific areas of the system. Example: you can setup class for site maintenance and only grant access to the Website Replication Wizard or setup a class for Financial Manager, etc.
  • Adding Administrators Option to add system administrators and assign access to different parts of the system.
  • Time Zone Each administrator can set their own time zone preferences.
  • Administrator Password Each administrator can change their password.
  • Administrator Picture Administrator have the option of uploading a picture into their profile.

Contact Manager

  • Managing Contacts Built-in address book for your members. Let's members conveniently store contact information of friends, associates, and most importantly hot prospects.
  • Instant Messenger Store IM handles for AIM, ICQ, MSN, SYKPE, and YAHOO for each contact.
  • Member Preferences Store Gender, Birthday, Anniversary dates, etc...
  • Administration Preferences Store Gender, Birthday, Anniversary dates, etc...
  • Assign a Mail-server Assign mail-servers to use for both Administrators and Members contact mailing activities.
  • Assign Member Class Assign group of members that will be allowed to use the contact manager.
  • FlexField Manager Add optional fields into the contact manager. Options to make fields required, make fields available for advanced searching, and more.

Tasks Manager

  • Task Manager Available for both Administrators and Members.
  • View Task Manage and track important task. Easily sort throught task by status.
  • Add a Task Set the start date, due date, task status, task priority, complete percentage, and more.
  • Task Preferences Limit number of task for each member Class. Perfect for granting additional task management capabilities for each member class type. Example: Sliver Class members can only manage up to 100 tasks, while Gold Class members can manage up to 500 tasks, etc...
  • Reminders Send reminders previously set by members via e-mail.

Member Backoffice

This invaluable feature provide each member with an online Backoffice to manage their own account, monitor commissions, track their website statistics, view genealogy reports, communicate with upline and downline, and more. Members have the ability to connect to their Backoffice from any location. (either from a hotel room, their customer's office or their home.)

It's like having a powerful Sales Force & Marketing Automation tool at their finger tips.

  • User-friendly design and easy Backoffice access via a web browser with no additional software or plug-in needed on your local desktop, laptop or workstation.
  • Members Backoffice Access from any computer that is connected to the internet with web browsing enabled.
  • Complete Marketing Tools for your members to aggressively promote your Multi-level Network Marketing program. Includes banner, one line text, classified ad text, and email promotion text.
  • Ability to Upgrade or Downgrade account
  • Make Membership Payment
  • Update Membership Payment information
  • View Payments History
  • Manage Auto-ship account
  • Update Profile Information
  • Upload / Delete Profile Picture
  • Change Account Password
  • Change Account Username
  • Change Website Site-Id
  • Setup Payout Preferences
  • Request Payout
  • Request Account Cancellation
  • Manage assigned replicated website
  • View replicated website statistics (e.g. real-time hits counter, page viewed, keywords used, etc...)
  • File Manager
  • Member-to-Member Search
  • Buddy List Search and request to add members to buddy list
  • Web-based Email Client
  • Add Backoffice link to Favorites
  • Manage Contacts Details
  • Manage Task Activities
  • Private Messenger for member-to-member, member-to-administrator communications; hides members email addresses and prevents spamming through the system.
  • View real-time Genealogy reports.
  • View real-time Commission reports.
  • View real-time Payout reports.
  • View real-time Sales reports.
  • Password Retrieval System

Website Replicator

  • Template Editor Manage and modify replicated website template pages. Powerful WYSIWYG editor lets you manage your website content with ease.
  • Show Member's Profile Info Use tags/token to display members profile data on replicated pages.
  • Copy Website Templates Copy a web page from one website and duplicate it into another website within the replication wizard.
  • Find and Replace Tool Conveniently find text or code and replace it throughout the entire website with a single command.
  • Content Block Editor Have some common information which need to be displayed on many pages? You can accomplish this by using the content block editor.
  • Uploading Images Members upload images within their personal Backoffice for use on their website. The administrator pre-configures where images will appear on replicated pages template.
  • Hit Tracker Hit tracking for each website. Tracks Unique Hits, Foot Prints, Conversations, Keywords and more.
  • User Website Rotation Automatic rotation of members websites. When non-referred visitors hit the main company URL the system will push visitors to the next members website in the rotation (Co-op system).
  • Show Confirmation Checkbox Perfect for requiring visitors to checkmark the box as confirmation they agree to the terms of service.
  • Show Security Code Image Graphical image of mixed letters and numbers which must be entered to complete the activation or signup.
  • Show Latest Activations List of recently activated accounts on any replicated web page.
  • Show Sponsor Information Show members upline (sponsor) information on members web pages.
  • Restrict Website Usage Restrict usage to members by access class. Example: Website 1 can only be used by members in the Silver Access Class. Website 2 can be used by members in the Gold and Platinum Access Class.
  • Static / Dynamic Replication Supports both Static and Dynamic web site replication for flexibility.
  • Reusable HTML Codes Template tag for reusable HTML code, cut down on administrative work when updating web page frequently updated HTML code (e.g. Navigation Links).
  • Multiple Websites Configure and replicate multiple websites. Allow users to use any one or all websites based on Members Access Class.
  • Multiple Domains Assign seperate domain to each replicated website in Multiple Websites mode.
  • Personalized Website Address Supports four different URL structure; File, Directory and Sub-domain based URLs
    File (static website):
    Directory (static website):
    Dynamic (dynamic website):
    Sub-domain (dynamic website):

Sub-domain Address

Having a sense of belonging can be a good thing. In this case, it can turn into more recruitment and sales. Personalize your members web site URLs with the Sub-domain feature by shortening the long member URL to a more manageable and memorable sub-domain (e.g.

Powerful File Explorer

Powerful File Explorer lets you manage files on your web server from within the Administrative Backoffice. No more fumbling with third-party FTP clients. It's a tremendous convenience when making updates while on the road from any computer with Internet access.

Website Hit Tracker

Get a bird's eye view with Graphs & Statistics report; shows number of hits and unique hits on a monthly graph.

Website Hit Tracking System provides critical visitor traffic data for all replicated websites. Admin may view traffic data across all Member or specific Member's website. Members have access to their personal website traffic data. Tracked data includes; Unique Hits, Footprints, Sign-up Conversion Rate, Top Referrals, and Keywords.

Email Template Wizard - Activity Triggered Emails

Flexmark puts you in control of what you, Members, and Prospects receive via e-mail when a certain activity is triggered. These triggered e-mails cover a very broad range of activities from signup's, suspension, re-activation, payment reminders, password retrieval, e-mail address change, billing, feedback, tell-a-friend, and much, much, more...

Broadcast Manager

  • Compose mailings in Text and/or HTML format. You may send broadcast to all, active, suspended members, etc. Schedule Broadcast to send at a later date and time. Attach files to a broadcast, add broadcast to the archive library, send a test message, and much more...
  • View and manage broadcasts in queue. Change status of a schedule broadcast, scheduled date and time, or send immediately.
  • View and manage broadcasts in Archive Library. Use any broadcasts for future mailing.
  • View broadcast history; view a copy of messages sent, date and time broadcast was sent, number of messages sent and how many read the messages. Also, view which Members read HTML formatted messages.
  • Get a bird's eye view with Graphs & Statistics report; Graphs & Statistics shows broadcast activities on a monthly graph.

Commission Management

  • Membership Commission pay commissions to direct sales members based on the compensation plan they belong. Uplines are only paid if downline payment is received - no more worries about overpaying members or paying upline for money that is not received, Flexmark keeps track of payments and commissions automatically. Payout can be made on single or multiple levels.
  • Retail Sales Commission Sales commission can be defined on each plan. When a member makes sales from a shopping cart or outside source, sales commission structure will be used for commission calculation for members and their uplines. This is a good feature for companies that sell products besides memberships. Payout can be made on single or multiple levels.
  • Fast Start Bonus Optional fast start bonus for members that signs up a new member; fast start bonus can also be given to sponsor and its upline if specified. Payout can be made on single or multiple levels.
  • View associated compensation View all associated commission generated by transaction.
  • Revoke Compensation Revoke commission from members.
  • Delete Compensation Manually delete compensation records
  • Notes option to add notes / comments to compensation record.
  • Statistics and Graphs Conveniently view graphical comparision stats (YR to YR and Month to Month Progress).
  • Import Compensation Manually batch import compensation for members with amount, date, etc... using a ASCII or CSV file
  • Cool-off Period Delay compensation for certain period before its available for payout.

Incentives and Rewards

  • Cash Reward Members can automatically get rewarded if they meet certain pre-set reward qualification requirement. Qualifications can be based on either recruitments, sales, or both - as well as on either individual or group numbers.
  • Matching Bonus Paid on any commission earned by individuals personally sponsored. Matching Bonus is based on Membership Commission, Fast Start Bonus, Reward Bonus, and Recycled Matrix Commission.
  • Automatic Class Upgrade Qualification Members can automatically get upgraded if they meet certain pre-set upgrade qualification requirement. Qualifications can be based on either recruitments, sales, or both - as well as on either individual or group numbers.
  • Automatic Class Downgrade Members can automatically get downgraded to a lower class,if they don't meet certain pre-set qualification requirement to maintain current Membership Class. Qualifications can be based on either recruitments, sales, or both - as well as on either individual or group numbers.
  • Force Automatic Upgrade based on Commission Automatically upgrade to a higher class, when members earned certain pre-set commission (e.g. Upgrade when members has earn $50 or more in commission and deduct $50 from commission for upgrade).
  • Force Upgrade/Downgrade By Timeframe Automatically upgrade or downgrade after certain pre-set member sign-up date to a specified Class (e.g. Upgrade 30 days after member sign-up).
  • Membership Fee Reduction Membership fee can be automatically reduced based on member's recruitment volume (e.g. reduce membership fee from $50 to $20 after recruiting 20 members in total or in specific classes).
  • Force Upgrade/Downgrade Class by Campaign Letter Completion Automatically upgrade or downgrade members to pre-defined Membership Class when members on the Class has completely received all campaign letters in a specified Campaign system (e.g. when member in Class 1 received all 5 letter in Campaign 1, upgrade member to Class 1). Require Smart Campaign Module.
  • Sign-up Bonus Automatically give x amount to new members for signing up. this is a Class based feature.

Bonus Pool Management

  • Bonus Pools Option to allocate a percentage % of Membership Payments, New Sign-up Setup Fees, and Retail Sales to pool. Bonus Pool is most commonly used to reward leaders.
  • Generate Bonus Pool Option to generate commission payout for each bonus pool separately. Bonus Pool Payout can be generated anytime; daily, weekly, monthly..etc.
  • Bonus Pool Payout History View summary or details of previously awarded bonus pool compensations. View who and how much was received.
  • Statistics and Graphs view each Bonus Pool statistic reports.

Membership Class Requirements

  • Automatic Members Deletion Automatically delete members if any or all of the requirements are not met (e.g. member not upgraded, no personal recruits and/or no personal sales within a specified period)
  • Payout Minimum Requirement If this option is enabled, members on the Class will be required to meet a certain requirement before getting any commission (e.g. recruits 4 and/or makes $300 worth of sales), you also have the option to reset members commission that do not meet the requirement on the day the payout commission is generated to $0.00 or leave the commission in the database until the next commission payout day.

Billing Management

  • Billing Information detailed billing information for each member record. Manually change billing amount, date, status, etc...
  • Manually Add New Billing Record Add recurring billing record into the billing database.
  • Manually Record Payment Manually post recurring payments into billing database. Payment received by (Checks, MoneyOrders, Wire Transfer, etc...)
  • Statistics and Graphs View accepted and rejected billing stats on a Month to Month comparision graph.
  • Billing Notification Sends out payment due notification to members on or before the due date.

Revenue Management

  • Annual Revenue Report show yearly detailed revenue from (Membership and Retail Sales), by membership class. Refund Reports, Paid Compensation Reports, Forfieted Compensation Reports.
  • Revenue Projection Report Show company projected income by (day, month and year), based on membership recurring billing.
  • Statistics and Graphs View revenue graphical stats on Gross Revenue, Membership Revenue, Retails Sales Revenue.

Payout Management

  • Generate & make payout in minutes with a single click, generate payout file to render to commission processor or check printing.
  • Basic Option Generate all compensation payout type at one time for all qualified members
  • Advanced Option Generate individual compensation payout with full search (e.g. by Compensation type, by Compensation date range, by Country, by Membership Class, etc...).
  • Multiple Payout Types Create payout type based on members (Country, Membership Class, etc...) for Checks, PayPal, and even create your own payout format (e.g. for Quicken, QuickBooks, PayCards, etc...).
  • Statistics and Graphs View payout graphical stats.

Genealogy Management

  • Affiliate Program - One or two tier affiliate program payplan and also the genealogy can be based on either Forced Matrix and Uni-Level genealogy structure.
  • Uni-Level Genealogy Unlimited width and structured depth.
  • Australian x-up Payplan Genealogy support Australian X-up such as 1-up, 2-up, etc... You also have option on the member that it's passed-up.
  • Forced Matrix Payplan Genealogy Support Forced Matrix genealogy with structured width and depth (e.g. 2x3, 3x9, 10x10, etc...). Flexmark does not limit the width and depth of the genealogy that can be used.
  • Forced Matrix Supports Spillover where uplines help their downline to build their downline.
  • Generate Matrix/Phase Report Generate and view matrix/phase reports in Excel CSV file format.
  • Company Sponsored Forced Matrix
  • Recycling Forced Matrix
  • Ability to refill empty genealogy position with a new member
  • Ability to change or move members genealogy to another sponsor
  • Optional genealogy compression.
  • Orphans Report let's you easily view and manage Members without a sponsor, in-conjunction with Position Manager you may assign a new sponsor to Members.

Auto-Ship Kits Management

With add-on Shopping Cart module installed, Auto-ship kits automatically creates orders based on the membership class member belongs. Creates auto-ship order in the store for members and notify store administrator at new members sign-up or when membership payment is made (e.g. monthly, yearly, etc...) or both. If products are attached to your membership, this feature is right for you.

  • Create multiple Auto-ship items
  • Assign single or multiple Membership Class to an Auto-ship.
  • Members can choose their auto-ship at sign-up and provide shipping address details.
  • Members can update their auto-ship items within their Backoffice at anytime desired.

Advanced Data Exchange (ADE)

Flexibility is the order of the day. Flexmark Professional Advanced Data Exchange gives the administrator the power to extend the capability of their Flexmark System, to exchange data between an external system, or to maintain the same members based on more than one Flexmark system.

  • Post Payment Data to an external script or database
  • Post User Data to an external script or database
  • Post Feedback Form Data to an external script or database
  • *Post Campaign Prospect Data to an external script or database (Require Campaign Module)
  • *Post Shopping Cart Data to an external script or database (Require Shopping Cart Module)
  • Receive Payment Data from an external script or database
  • Receive User Data from an external script or database
  • Receive Shopping Cart Data from an external script or database
  • *Receive Campaign Data from an external script or database (Require Campaign Module)

Web-based Email Client System

Integrated web-based e-mail client system, provide administrators with email account that is accessible from within the administrative Backoffice and also administrator have the option of giving each members an email address that can only be accessed from within their Backoffice.

Payment Processor Gateway

Gateway interface can be setup to use multiple payment processor simultaneously (e.g. Authorize.Net, PayPal, CyberSource, AlertPay, etc...), members can select which payment processor option to use for payment. The payment processor gateway marked with (*) support automatic re-billing.

  • Authorize.Net (*)
  • PayPal (*)
  • CyberSource (*)
  • LinkPoint (*)
  • Verisign Payflow (*)
  • USA ePay (*)
  • ECHO (*)
  • Quantum Gateway (*)
  • Sage Payment Solutions (*)
  • SafePay Solutions (*)
  • Total Trans (*)
  • eSelect Plus (*)
  • AlertPay (*)
  • WorldPay
  • iTransact
  • eWAY (*)
  • MerchSolutions (*)
  • Merchant e-Solutions (*)
  • NetworkMerchants (*)
  • Giact Systems - eCheck (*)
  • PayByCheck - eCheck
  • InternetSecure
  • BluePay
  • Moneybookers

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