Once a client, always a client! Flying Man Productions explores new online marketing solutions indefinitely for ongoing MLM growth and success.

Continued Growth

We want you to experience incredible ongoing growth, and we want to share the journey with you!


Ongoing Maintenance

That means we're not going to bail after a few months... or years. We will continue to maintain our marketing tools, MLM software, and all the other online marketing solutions we created for you. We will reinvent our services as the market evolves, and support your sales force with continued education and training.

Training Videos

Training Videos

Although all of the features of our marketing software and tools are user-friendly, the abundance of services available can feel overwhelming! That's why we create helpful, engaging Training Videos and maintain an ongoing Video Blog. We want your distributors to be proficient with our tools so they can sell more effectively!



Darryl and Eric, the Co-Founders of Flying Man Productions, often hold online workshops and webinars for further training. They explain how to make marketing online a success, by integrating our services with other powerful resources (such as social media, blogs, free online marketing techniques, etc).

Event Promotion


We love the propelling force and energy that comes from company events! That's why we get so excited about promoting (and sometimes attending) events, workshops, and training calls.