Flying Man Productions helps mobilize an MLM sales force with marketing tools and replicated website software to increase sales worldwide.

Established Company

You already have an established brand and a growing sales force. But your distributors have no organized and replicable system to expand beyond their local markets. They need marketing tools to grow their businesses on the web and increase sales.

Established Company

Step 1:

The Initial Consultation

We get to know you, your network marketing business, your products, and your needs. We learn what has been a success in the past, and what you feel your distributors need to grow your company.


Step 2:

We Meet the Distributors

We meet with your top distributors to learn what's working for them, and what they perceive as their greatest needs.


Step 3:

The Market Research

We evaluate market trends and your current position. We brainstorm solutions from the top down, starting with your corporate image.


Step 4:

We Pitch

We present our research to you. We may propose a new corporate site to freshen up your brand, new incentives to your commission structure to give more momentum to your distributors, MLM software, distributor marketing tools, and targeted replicated websites.


Step 5:

Website Replication

We use our cutting-edge replication software to build multiple websites from a blank canvas (not a cookie-cutter template). You get one-of-a-kind systems that are easily navigated and capture prospects' information with enticing opt-ins. Our writing communicates a targeted message with SEO-friendly content that will get results and help your distributors rank Top 10.


Step 6:

Tools, Tools, Tools

Our services provide so much more than websites! We create an entire BackOffice Suit for your distributors, with a Prospect Manager, web-based email, pre-written and designed email templates, social media integration, and more marketing tools. Our MLM Software provides an efficient internet marketing solution that helps distributors run their entire business with one comprehensive system!


Step 7:

We Market

We spread the word and create a buzz within your network about what exciting developments are coming to your brand, and how it will help them build their distributorships!


Step 8:

We Launch

We launch with a comprehensive campaign: website(s), eBooks, Newsletters, training videos, product videos, business opportunity videos, commission education, and a full BackOffice with Prospecting & Marketing Tools.


Step 9:

Marketing Software Training

This is the biggest part of our service! We create an intensive training campaign so your distributors will know how to use their new MLM Software, replicated websites, prospecting tools, marketing tools, and Backoffice to INCREASE SALES. We educate them via print media, tutorial video blogs, webinars, newsletter campaigns, phone or LiveChat training sessions, and more. We teach them how to integrate their social media campaigns to drive traffic to their replicated website and make sales online.


Step 10:

We Maintain

A website should never be "finished." We will continue to update and maintain your website and campaigns indefinitely.