Flying Man Productions Multimedia converts website traffic with gripping product videos that encourage your customers to "Buy Today!"

Multimedia Production

The FMP Multimedia Department is the LIFT that helps us FLY

Give your customers to a whole new shopping experience! Our talented team of storyboarders, designers, animators, and programmers create captivating, mobile-friendly videos that transport your customers off the screen into your world.

The FMP Multimedia Department

Product Videos

Entertain, educate, and excite your customers while they shop! Did you know that shoppers who view a product video are 35% more likely to buy online?* Our Multimedia Production crew specializes in converting website traffic into loyal customers with gripping product videos that make your customers click to "Buy Today!"

Business Model Presentations

Direct Sales Business Model Presentations

The simplest way to educate business seekers and current distributors about your direct sales commission program is to show them how it works in 5 minutes or less! Our Multimedia team works with you to create fun, informative videos, presentations, and slideshows. We will learn your business model, find the right hook for your audience, direct and storyboard the presentation, and create a clever and original video from start to finish.

Viral Video Production and Marketing

Viral Video Production and Web Marketing

Transform your audience into your distribution team! The viral videos we create go beyond captivating viewers; we help your audience participate in marketing online and sharing your message to the masses! Our multimedia team works closely with you to create viral videos that will prompt your viewers to SHARE YOUR BRAND on their social media sites.

From initial concept to final delivery - our Multimedia Production team infuses every step with the creativity and polished professionalism you're looking for!