Valentine’s Day Gifts for Network Marketers: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Is your sweetheart a hard-working network marketer? Have you spent the past year watching your loved one take phone calls during all hours of the day, tirelessly and patiently train other networkers, organize events down to the last detail, and close a sale in her sleep? Now is your chance to show how much you love and appreciate your favorite entrepreneur!

Here is a fail-proof list of Valentine’s Day Gifts for Network Marketers – the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.



1. Business Accessories for the 21st Century

– If your Valentine appreciates more practical gifts, show your support for his business with these fun, stylish business supplies that he can use every day.

Luxury Leather Bags & Supplies

A leather portfolio, new travel bag, briefcase, iPad case, business card holder… you can’t go wrong!

Touch-Screen Gloves

Keep his hands warm while he manages his business from his Smartphone or tablet.

Customized Smartphone Cover

Who wouldn’t love a customized Smartphone cover featuring your very own business logo?

USB Bling

Give your sweetheart’s business some much-needed bling with this pen, USB, and Swarovski crystals all in one.

DIY Phone Battery Boost

Tired of watching your Valentine stress over his battery life? If he likes DIY projects, check out the MintyBoost Kit for a functional and unique gift.

2. Stress Relief Gifts

– Endless phone calls, presentations, team training, company events, social media marketing, email marketing, in-person marketing … your entrepreneur could use some serious downtime!

Spa Retreat

Pamper her with a luxurious afternoon at her favorite spa.

Home Spa

Bring the relaxing spa experience to the privacy of your own home. Flying Man Productions provides many services, but dating advice isn’t one of them. So we’ll leave this up to your imagination.

Virtual Personal Assistant

Give your Valentine more quality time doing what she loves! A personal assistant from Rent a Smile will take care of her dreaded tasks at home or the office: creating PowerPoint presentations, booking travel arrangements, paying bills, or finding a dog walker.

3. Braided Money Tree

Skip the flowers that are destined to die in less than a week, and opt instead for a beautiful home or office plant that doubles as a symbol for prosperity and good luck. The Braided Money Tree is a Feng Shui staple, and has been used in Asian cultures to bring good fortune to its owner. As the money tree grows, it will continually sprout new stems of leaves that will unfold into five lucky leave stems.


1. A Gift Card

“Happy Valentine’s Day! Here’s a price tag!”
There is nothing surprising, sweet, or romantic about making your direct selling sweetie shop for her own Valentine’s gift. Get your wheels turning and choose a thoughtful gift that shows you care.

2. Agenda or Planner

While the monogrammed agenda might have worked for you 10 years ago, it’s definitely a gift of yesteryear. The reason your partner is constantly checking his phone is because that’s where he’s running his business! The 21st century MLM is a digital enterprise, so don’t waste your money on supplies he no longer uses. If you want to help him stay organized, go with one of the Luxury Leather Supplies.

3. Overly Sensible Appliances

Luxury business supplies to help her run her business easier? Yes! A new vacuum? Absolutely not.
Practical gifts are great, but they still need to be exciting. Get her something she absolutely does not need but you know she will use, love, and appreciate! That means home appliances are off limits.


Here are 3 gifts that could end your relationship with your favorite network marketer:

1. A Framed Picture of You

“I’ll always be watching!”
A portrait of the two of you on your very first date is one thing, but a framed selfie or picture of you awkwardly smiling into the camera is quite another.

2. Heart-Shaped Box of Chocolates

Nothing says “I Love You” like a pre-packaged drugstore impulse buy. If you want something sweet, choose a handpicked selection of gourmet chocolates instead.

3. Nothing

Unless you have mutually agreed not to participate in Valentine’s Day gift-giving, this path is doomed. Even if you strongly dislike this commercialized holiday, you can still take the opportunity to spoil your hard-working entrepreneur and show how much you care.

What are some of the best and worst Valentine’s Day gifts you’ve received? Let us know in the comments below!